Logan’s Warning Exclusive Reports

Houston TX Imam to Logan’s Warning: Sharia is for Muslims Only!

Times Square NYC: Muslims Rally for Egyptian Revolution ~ Videos

Muslims at Hilton NY ~ Do not Cooperate With Authorities!

Exclusive: MORE Islamic Expansionism on Long Island NY!

Muslim Women Think They Own NYC Subway

USA: Popular Muslim Comedian: Muslims CANNOT be Stopped!

Brooklyn “Reverend” Bashes Bible in Effort to Protect Islam!!

NY’s Muslim Interfaith Queen Runs From Debate on Islam!

LW Exclusive! Ground Zero Mosque/NY Hilton Hotel Promoting Hatred!

Did NY’s Imam Baqi Threaten the Infidel Team?

NYC’s Occupy Wall St: The Sharia Police, the Imam’s IslamoCON, and the Prayer…

Muslims Occupy Wall St for Friday Prayer! ~ The Sermon in the Street ~ Videos

Exclusive: Church Interfaith Conference in Support of Occupy Wall St ~ Islamic Org Takes the Pulpit!

Exclusive~ Muslim Day Parade ~ The Handouts

Exclusive~ Muslim Parade~ Muslim Girls Sing, “For you (Allah) I give my life”

Exclusive~ Muslim Day Parade, NYPD Islam, and Sharia-Police!

Follow-up on Tunisia Cultural Center ~ Let the (Word) Games Begin!

Tunisia Shows NYC Where Their Loyalty Lies! ~ Pics

Logan’s Warning Exclusive MP3 ~ NY Imam: Muslims and a Muslim map Brought Columbus Here!

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, Creator of Islam Inspired Comic “The 99″ Contacts Logan’s Warning!

Exclusive ~ NY Muslims: Palestine to be Declared a State on Friday!

NY Muslims: Palestinian State is in the bag!

Opposition Party’s Pro-Islam 911 Rally Pt II ~ Israel Supporter Told to Leave & More!

Logan’s Warning Exclusive ~ 911 Pro-Islam, Pro-GZ Mosque, Anti-Geller-Spencer Rally!

NY Mosque Versus Reverend Dan & the Rest of Logan’s Warning Infidel Team!

Logan’s Warning Exclusive Report of Pastor Jones’ Times Sq 911 Speech

NY Mosque Issues 911 Statement on Logan’s Warning!

New Information on 911 Memorial ~ You’re NOT Going to Like This!

Former NJ State Senator, Democrat Alene S. Ammond Takes a Stand for Logan’s Warning!

Logan’s Warning Reader Contacts Town Over Ramadan Noise!

Logan’s Warning Exclusive: Town of New Hyde Park NY Bows to Islam for Ramadan

“Taliban” Gangsta Rapper Vinnie Paz Runs From a Debate on Islam….

My Conversation with Islamophile Pastor Rick Warren

Logan’s Warning Exclusive~ NY Muslims Boast of Peter King Beat Down!

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Starts Following Logan’s Warning on Twitter!

My Phone Consversation With Islam Promoting Reverend Rasicci

Challenge Target: Progressive Radio News Hour’s Stephen Lendman

Reverend who Allows Mosque in Church’s Basement Responds to Logan’s Warning!

Hannity Guest Mike Ghouse Responds to Logan’s Warning with ANOTHER IslamoCON!

My Twitter Conversation with Muslim Convert NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer Blake Carter

Muslim Responds to Logan’s Warning Article About Brooklyn Mosque Which he Attends

My Challenge to Frequent Sean Hannity Guest Mike Ghouse

The Free Market Jihad ~ American Muslim Consumer Conference 2011

Religion of Slavery Expanding in Harlem NY

The Far-Left and Muslim Alliance Against Freedom Lovers

IslamoBLOB Expanding in California!

The Strangest Thing Happened to me, an Encounter With A Christian Woman

One of Anjem Choudary’s Cronies Responds to Logan’s Warning!

My Email to Anjem Choudary

~Let’s Lock Arms and Fight the Persecution of Christians!~‏‏

Philadelphia Mosque: We Will Protect Muslims From Surrounding Non-Islamic Environment!

Queens NY: Razi School Creating More Slaves to Islam

~ Busing Them In & Burqa NYCity ~

~NYC “Peace” Leader Calls for Militant Movement & The Islamicnake~ VIDEO!~

Islamic Rally Takes Downtown NYC! Sharia Enforced, Christians Booted!!~ Exclusive Interview

Member of Birmingham Islamic Society Responds to Logan’s Warning

United States Department of Jihad!

Logan’s Warning Takes it to the Netherlands~ Video

Brooklyn NY: Masjid Nur Al-Islam~ How They Lure Them in…

Brigitte Gabriel Responds to Logan’s Warning

IslamoAmerica: Little Egypt, Queens NY~ A Photo Essay

~Islam & Nazism: The Ideologies of Hate~

“Today, I am a Muslim Too” Rally~ A Day of DECEPTION!~ Vids and Pics!

It’s 4 AM, Logan is Ready to go….Choudary Cowers out!

Family Security Matters Picks up Logan’s Warning!

~CUNY School Of Law Provides FREE Services For Mosques To Deal With “Informants”!~

~Islam Invades Jamaica Queens!~ Part II

Logan’s Warning and Right Side News Join Forces

Hey Zuhdi Jasser, MAN UP and Debate me….

Chicago Chapter of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Picks up Logan’s Warning on Twitter!

~Islam Invades Jamaica Queens!~ Video and Pics! Part I

Park 51 Mosque Employee John Lichten: Islam is American

My Email Exchange With NY’s Park 51 Mosque Employee John Lichten

NYC: A Quick Visit to the Park 51 Mosque

NY~ Muslim Makes Sidewalk his Mosque!

~Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Following Logan’s Warning~

~ Brooklyn Neighborhood Alerted to Sharia Threat! ~

Brooklyn, NY: Muslims Defy Neighbors & City Ordinates To Build Mosque~ Video

Queens NY: Halal Neon Style~ Videos

Iranian Paper Picks up Logan’s Warning Report!

Brooklyn: ANOTHER Mosque Blasts Call To Prayer For ALL To Hear!

Halal Invades Ground Zero~ Expands Across the City!~ PHOTO ESSAY

NYC: Muslim Prayer Broadcast onto Streets~Videos

The ACT! Team Runs Away From Zuhdi Jasser Debate

Muslim in US Army Proselytizing on Logan’s Warning

My Debate with US Army Member Koshin Mohamed~ Part I

Member of Brooklyn’s Masjid At-Taqwa Responds to my Call to Prayer Video~ Finally Admits he is for Sharia

It’s 6 in the Morning….

Please Check out Michael Carl’s “Guess what Egypt’s Muslims do with Christians…”

NY Public Library/ Coexist Foundation Spreading Misinformation & False Hope

My Email to Judge Miles-LaGrange

NY: Islamic Animal Sacrifice Takes Place in Basement of Queens Restaurant

NY: Today’s ACT! Rally~ Islamophiles Spew Their Venom!~ Videos

Recap of Yesterday’s Dr. Jones’ Ground Zero Rally

Here we go Again: Islamic Expansionism Downtown NYC

MuslimResponse.com: What They do not Tell you

Muslim Center of New York: Teaching Children Islamic Law/ Forcing Them to Pray

My Experience at the 911 Rally in NYC~Taking it to the Streets~ Videos

Birmingham Islamic Society Contacts Logans Warning

Admiral Mike Mullen Ducks My Comments About Islam

My Email to Harvard Islamic Apologist Dr. Cesari~ UPDATE: She Never Responded

About My Daily News Interview: They run Article Omitting all of my Quotes, but Quote CAIR!

My Email to Fort Carson In Regards to Islam Promoting Major General Hammond~ UPDATED With Reply

Lead Story On RevolutionMuslim.com is Article From Logans Warning

Back in the New York Grove: My First Encounter With Muslims in NY

Lying Imam Responds to Logans Warning, Lies Some More Then Runs for Cover

Alan Colmes has Refused to Debate me on Islam

My “Debate” With Islamic Apologist, Professor Juan Cole

Islamic Scholar’s “Islam is Peace” Fatwa Undone

Lying Imam’s “Fatwa Against Terrorism” Exposed!

More can be viewed HERE.

25 comments for “Logan’s Warning Exclusive Reports

  1. shabana
    January 26, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    hello there, you know NOTHING about Islam… May Allah (s.w.t) grant you Hidayah and open your destructive mind and see that what you call great American as an illuminati devil country. so instead of wasting your effort and sinning yourself try researching all of dumb american role models and see where they would end up on the day of judgement

    • admin
      January 26, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      Your comment about me and Islam adds up to nothing. Come back and debate me on Islam.

      I do not agree with a lot of things my country does, but at least I have the free will to criticize America. Do you have the moral courage to criticize any aspect of Islam?

      Speaking of judgment day. The Islamic scriptures call for Muslims to fight and kill Jews to reach judgment day. Talk about destructive.

    • January 26, 2012 at 1:58 pm

      I know plent about the EVIL CULT of islam. I know what happens on Judgement Day. You will be much better off if you leave the EVIL CULT of islam before that day comes!

    • New Crusader
      January 26, 2012 at 2:05 pm

      The hideous nature of islam and its followers is demonstrated every day in multiple terror attacks on innocent people all over the world. Before you point a finger of condemnation at others you should recognize there are three pointing back at islam in you. Next time you want to judge, point at the one in the mirror, then all your fingers will be pointing in the right direction. If you think many in America are weighed and found wanting, then just imagine how much wrath is coming your direction.

      Allah U Unrighteous Judge (no peace is in you)

  2. jaeger
    April 4, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    I would like to ask Shabana if he is an immigrant.If so, why did he come to America.Is it so he can be free use his fingers,which he would otherwise not be able to use. A word to the wise is sufficient and heed the words of Reverand Dan and leave the evil cult of islam before it is eternally to late.Jesus loves you, suffered and died for you to save your never dying soul.That is the Good News that made America great and has to return to JEHOVAH.

  3. emmi
    November 7, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Admin, beats by dre is possibly a spammer. We had a spate of this in the UK on anti-Islamic sites.

  4. February 24, 2013 at 7:38 am


  5. Riggah Mortis
    May 22, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    Islam is a pagan religion. Almost devil cult like when you observe them worshiping it is almost like out of a Hollowood horror movie. It is surreal.

    I cannot believe humans are capable of such blatant satanic cult worship.

  6. Z
    January 26, 2014 at 4:35 am

    This is absolutely fucking disgusting. Targeting a religion because of select individuals? That’s like saying all Americans have the possibility to be stupid because five people in the entire country don’t know Africa’s a continent, so we should make them all do high school twice. Do you not understand that many Muslim families come to North America seeing refuge from war and a better life for their children? People from all religions have justified their criminal actions using religious books and teachings, and it is ALWAYS wrong – Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. And you know what else is wrong? Racism. You don’t need to read a single holy scripture in any book to know that targeting a group of people because of the religion they practice is as morally wrong as anything. You are being as pathetic and narrow-minded as those terrorists, and the worst part is that you think you are doing your country a favour. Do not tell me you are not being racist; I have the definition below.

    ra·cism [ ráy sìzzəm ]
    animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races
    belief in racial superiority: the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior

    At the end of the day, we are all human. Stop looking at people for who they seem to be or what they seem to do. Look at people as humans, with emotions, including pain and sorrow, DESPITE the choices they make, and I guarantee you, you will see the world differently. Allah is Jehovah, and Jehovah is God, and God is our Father. I believe there is only one God, but we all connect to him in a different way. Have you ever heard of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS? This is in America itself. He is a prime example of a disgusting human being using religion to molest and rape women and girls and teach them that they are servants to men. Does this mean that every male raised within this religious community is the same? Absolutely not! I think you should be using your determination to research and help put an end to things like that.

    • admin
      January 26, 2014 at 10:39 am

      1. Outside of Israel Muslims have taken over the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and large portions of Africa, Europe etc. There goes your “select few” claim.

      2. I criticize Islam because it calls for dominance over non-Muslims, (by force if necessary), and Muslims are on a worldwide campaign attempting to subjugate all under a barbaric set of religious laws.

      3. Islam allows plundering (Sura 8), the taking of sex slaves (Koran 4:24, 4:25, 33:50). Have you ever read a Koran?

      4. In case you did not notice, your definition of racism, does not say a word about religion.

      5. Nazis were humans too, should we just look at child killers and rapists as just humans? That is just a cheap cop out, which means you stand for nothing.

      6. The God of Islam calls for dominance over all other religions. So it is not the same God as of other religions.

      7. Obviously Warrens is a sicko who was not following the message of Jesus.

      I think you should be using your determination to research and help put an end to things like that.

      I hope all child molesters rot in jail, and Islam allows child marriage. So I will continue to rally non-Muslims against it. Meanwhile it appears you do not have the courage to oppose Islam. You stand for nothing.

    • admin
      January 26, 2014 at 10:41 am

      Let me know when you can find just one Muslim who will condemn the vile actions of Mohammad.

  7. Emmi
    January 28, 2014 at 6:47 am

    It is not ‘select individuals’ causing the trouble, Z. It is the whole basis of Islamic ideology.
    Everywhere in the world Muslims are causing trouble by using unspeakable cruelty to enforce a barbaric law called sharia.
    Why? Do you want to see men paid to inflict torture, amputations and stonings on others?
    Pretending that Islam is lovely and that only a ‘select’ few are causing trouble is either lying or deliberately deceitful to bring about a world filled with misery.
    Americans pursue happiness. Muslims pursue superstition, ignorance and hate.
    The West doesn’t need you.
    Long live American freedom, democracy, decency and generosity!

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