Month: April 2021

Exclusive ~ NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals ~ Part 2

Good morning my friends, the other day I posted an exclusive article entitled “NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals”. Today I wanted to do a little digging in an attempt to get some background information on the murals.

Exclusive ~ NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals

For those new to the subject the threat of Islam is a two-tier threat. That first being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second being stealth jihad, or what I call insidious Islam. Which is a lawful Muslim movement…

Exclusive ~ Child Marriage Supporting Imam Hired by “Mental Health” Org That Counsels Children

Friends, If you are like me you know that there is no one who needs our protection more than the children of America. Which is why this article is beyond disturbing. If you have been following my recent articles on the America hating, and child marriage supporting US Muslim Imam/Chaplain, Gareth Bryant, you will see the major concerns I have with this hiring.

US Muslim Chaplain Responds to Logan’s Warning Articles

If you follow Logan’s Warning you probably have noticed my new “Muslim Comment of the day” series. Created in an effort to do the job our government and mainstream media will not do. Expose the Muslim mindset. Because we cannot defeat Islam without understanding their mindset.

US Muslim Chaplain to Logan’s Warning ~ Females who hit Puberty at 8 to 12 are no Longer Children…

Yes I know! The headline is absolutely sickening! Unfortunately I have no choice but to report the truth here on Logan’s Warning. No matter how disturbing it is. If you have been following my site this week you probably read my article that exposed US Muslim Chaplain Gareth Bryant’s ungrateful attitude and absolute hatred for the country he resides in. America. As I promised at the end of that article his mindset only gets worse.

The Saudi Embassy is Still Misleading the Public on Islam

Wait a second! How can this be!?!? When I have been told over and over that the “new and improved” Saudis are allies of ours now. Unlike so called expert Pamela Geller, I see the game the Saudis are playing with the West. They are in a desperate financial situation and put on a smiley face for the world. Seeking over $425 billion from investors in order to fix their infrastructure. While investing billions of dollars in American companies approximately a year ago. Which included Boeing, Disney, and Facebook. Could that have anything to do with the censorship?

US Muslim Chaplain to Logan’s Warning ~ F#@k America!

I apologize for the headline, but I tell it like it is here on Logan’s Warning. Not long ago a Muslim named Gareth Bryant showed up on my YouTube to express his displeasure with the points I make on Islam. From there things quickly escalated though. As Gareth went onto email me and that is where his hatred for the country he resides in surfaced. America.

Muslim Comment of the day #8 ~ Assimilation is out

For those new to Logan’s Warning I welcome you and will quickly explain why I have started the “Muslim Comment of the day” series. The reason being is that while there are numerous conservative voices that expose the threat of…

Founder of Runs When Refuted After Claiming he Cannot be Refuted

To me it does not matter if I am exposing an unknown Muslim in the ummah, or high-profile ones such as Daniel Haqiqatjou, founder the Alasan Institute. Either way the the goal is the same. To show that Muslims cannot be trusted. Although I do prefer the high-profile ones.