Month: December 2020

It’s Muslim Comedy Hour! ~ Starring Dr. Sabeel Ahmed & Yaser!

Chevy Chase? Eddie Murphy? Jerry Seinfeld? Richard Pryor? Rodney Dangerfield? Forget those guys! They are just wannabe comedians compared to the new act that is in town. Starring the latest comedy duo, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, and “Brother” Yaser! Get ready to…. ROFL!

“Religion of Peace” Threat of the day…

One thing I will give the demons for Allah is that they don’t take a day off. Unfortunately for them, I don’t give a damn what they want and will continue to expose their ideology of hatred and perversion. Islam.

Logan’s Warning Fan Mail ~ Muslima or Ignorant Do-gooder?

Even during my short election break some “fan mail” continued to come in. Coming from another defender of Islam who has threatened to take me down. lol Something I have been hearing for well over a decade.

Logan’s Warning Memes!

Hello friends! After taking a short post-election break I am back. Back with some Logan’s Warning memes. Stating what others are not willing to say. Feel free to share during your Internet travels. Thank you.