Month: May 2012

Queens NY: Islam in YOUR FACE!

I was walking through the what is becoming Islamified section of Jamaica Queens yesterday, and guess what? I unfortunately saw some more Islamification of the area. This time it was the storefront of a Crown Chicken/Pizza restaurant and it reminded me of the UK with an Islam in your face attitude!

Sean Hannity: Kissing Islamic Ass!

Approximately three months ago I was on Twitter talking to a woman about Islam and the UK’s Anjem Choudary. She was a Twitter friend of Fox’s Sean Hannity and had tagged him in an effort to bring him into our conversation. I had said that I will give Choudary one thing. He does know Islam. Now Hannity could have and should have minded his own business, but the Fox anchor could not help himself. He quickly charged into the conversation by taking a stand for Islam.

LAPD Bows to Islam….AGAIN!

OK, in the last three articles we had some good news. Now back to the bad news. Back in February I reported about Muslims attempting to bully the NYPD into making backing off on the Islamic community. The same attack is being made by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) on the LAPD, and for at least the second time the police department has bowed to Islam. The first time was in July when the LAPD held a forum in an Islamic Center linked to jihad sermons of Imam Ali. Now the LAPD has back into submission and has agreed to let MPAC dictate some of their policies. This is just another example of how Muslims are slowly changing America to suit Islam, by turning our freedoms into a tool of Islam.

American Freedom Law Center to Obama: Islam is the Enemy!

Well, well, well…..more good news as things are finally turning in favor of the truth speaking infidel team. Over the past few days we read articles here about European politicians not being afraid to name Islam itself as the enemy. Now today we get similar good news from America, land of the infidel! The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) has called out the Obama Admistration for covering for the identity of the the enemy ideology.

Europe: The Rise of the Anti-Islam Campaign!

In my last article which was entitled “How do you win a war, When you Have no Answers?” (Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and the rest of the FAILED “moderate Islam” campaign), I pointed out that the polices of the many of the biggest names in this battle have been a huge failure. As Islam is clearly taking root in America. Also as stated, I have been speaking out on this issue for over 10 years and at first I paid a lot of attention (and still do) to Islam in the UK, and other non-Islamic countries in Europe. My hope is to avoid things getting as bad here with Muslims/Islam, as they are there.

How do you win a war, When you Have no Answers?

Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, and the rest of the FAILED “moderate Islam” campaign.

For over 10 years I have been speaking out against the threat of Islam. When I first started, I remember numerous non-Muslims telling me that I should not say Islam itself is the problem. To use the term “Islamofascism” (which I admittedly did use for a short period of time), or “radical Islam”. Another popular term is “Islamism”. I did not really care for using the term “Islamofascism”, as in the back of my mind I knew Islam itself was the problem. After awhile I decided to go against the wishes of many friends and go with the truth. The truth being that Islam itself is the problem!