Month: October 2011

NYC: 2nd Islamic Organization to Join Occupy Wall St Protesters!

Just this afternoon I published a post reporting on last Friday’s Islamic Pray Day at Occupy Wall St. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was the Islamic organization that lead the way that day. Now tonight I have been informed that a 2nd Islamic organization, will be looking to gain support for Islam down at Occupy Wall St.

This Friday ~ CAIR Invites YOU to Islamic Prayer Day @ Occupy Wall St!

Well, the Islamic Prayer Day at Occupy Wall St is finally on, and now the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is in on it. I didn’t think Muslims would miss this opportunity to divide America some more. Their goal is to get some of the non-Muslim protesters at Occupy Wall St to convert to Islam, or at a minimum become Islam friendly. Unfortunately they will succeed.

Exclusive: Church Interfaith Conference in Support of Occupy Wall St ~ Islamic Org Takes the Pulpit!

Today the Logan’s Warning team was going to attend two events in NYC. One being the Islamic Friday Prayer Day at Occupy Wall St. But that has been postponed until next Friday. The other event was an interfaith conference taking place at Judson Memorial Church. The pictures and videos below will fill you in on what took place inside the Church.


Recently I posted video footage of Muslims praying in the street at NYC’s 26Th Annual Muslim Day Parade. Of course that was not enough for NY’s Islamic community. They see America is in a state of weakness because of the politically correct disease, and will continue to push their religion in our faces. This upcoming event is another Islamic display of power, and let me make this clear. Muslims do not care what infidels want, they stand with Islam above all! It is time the rest of the country comes to terms with this, and demands an end to all Muslim immigration.