Logan’s Warning Media Appearances

Logan’s Warning is a hard hitting street reporter who unlike the MSM, has been exposing the threat of Islam for approximately 15 years now. His articles have appeared on Ali Sina’s Faith Freedom Forum, Atlas Shrugs, Creeping Sharia, Family Security Matters, Jihad Watch, Right Side News, and many more popular websites.

If you want to educate your audience with the non-politically correct truth about Islam, I can be reached here, or at Loganswarning@hotmail.com.

Thank you.

Media Biography 

Former co-host of the Evil Conservative Radio Show. With host Patrick Gibson.

The Captain’s AMERICA – Third Watch Radio Show. With host Matt Bruce. Salem Media Group Flagship Radio Station AM 860, AM 930, 103.1 FM, etc.

Multiple appearances on the Vito and Vito AM Radio Show. WJHC 107.5 FM, K98 Talk Radio, Red Nation Rising Radio – Justice Studio, and Red State Talk Radio – Live.

The Colonel Ray Radio Show. 710 KURV.

Audrey Russo’s Reeltalk Radio Show. WJHC 107.5 FM.

Quoted on the Salem Radio Network by Father Michael Carl.

Multiple appearances on Gadi Adleman’s America Akbar Radio Show.

Multiple appearances on The Last Stand Radio Show.

Multiple appearances on The Patriarchy Show

Multiple Appearances on The English Defence League Radio Show.

Global Freedom Radio.com

Radio Jihad’s “Mamma mia no Sharia” Radio Show.

The Christian Defense League Radio Show.The Red Fox Radio Show.

The East Anglian English Defense League Radio Show.

Pete Parker’s TUFFtalk Radio Show.

Jarrad Winter’s Tyranny Nemesis! Radio Show.

Interviewed for the German Radio documentary “USAllah”.