Member of Brooklyn’s Masjid At-Taqwa Responds to my Call to Prayer Video~ Finally Admits he is for Sharia

I was just on my YouTube page, and noticed this message on the Call to Prayer video.

This video is produce by people who made White flight when Blacks moved into Bed-Sty, now their moving back bringing their racist religious intolerance! I and many Muslims clean this part of Bed-Sty of crime and drugs with our lives in 1987.When the neighborhood was being terrorize by frequent gun fire and drugs activities!We replaced the sound of gun fire with the call to prayer,we earned that right!

karim1950 3 hours ago

Here are my three responses to Karim so far.

@karim1950 You didn’t earn the right to dominate the neighborhood with the call to prayer. You guys are not the only ones there. Are you a black man? If so how can you support a religion that allows slavery? Did you know that Mohammad owned black slaves?

LogansWarning 19 minutes ago

@karim1950 please tell me what race Islam is. Why should non-Muslims tolerate a religion/ideology that calls for the domination of them?

LogansWarning 14 minutes ago

@karim1950 Please Google Logan’s Warning, it is easier to talk to there.

Thank you.

LogansWarning 1 minute ago

If he responds, I will update this post.

UPDATE 9:54 am EST.

Karim has come back to the YouTube page, but he will not respond to me at all.  He is responding to other comments there, constantly playing the race and bigot card.  In response I left this.

@karim1950 Using your “logic” the Jews were bigots for opposing Nazism. Koran verse 5:51 is all about bigotry. Do you condemn Sharia Law?

@karim1950 You must be talking about Islam, and you ducking question after question is just a cop out.

Do you condemn Sharia Law? Does your Mosque speak out against it, or does Imam Wahhaj and his followers want Islam to dominate America?

Here is one of Karim’s comments.

@patriotUSA2007Evidently your not reading these hate fill comments, I’m part of the Mosque and we’ve been there since !981 and been calling the prayer, the same way the Churches uses their bell. We met with White people in the neighborhood who just started moving back in the late 2000! They are the only one complaining and when I go to Atlas Shrugged spurring racist and religious bigoted remarks,I stand by my words!

karim1950 28 minutes ago

My reply to him was the following.

@karim1950 Christians are not on a worldwide movement, trying to subjugate all under a barbaric set of religious laws, but Muslims are. Do you and your Mosque condemn Sharia Law?

There are a bunch of other non-Muslims there that are leaving some good comments. To follow the full conversation just go to Call to Prayer video.

UPDATE 11:22 am EST

Karim finally responded to me.

@LogansWarning Please! It’s a non-intelligent comment not worthy of my response!

karim1950 1 hour ago

@LogansWarning You have no idea what Shari’a Law is, the truth can not be denied nor condemn!

karim1950 1 hour ago

Karim does not have it in him to ask himself how he can support Islam, which allows slavery. But he finally admits he is for Sharia Law. Any Mosque that preaches for Sharia is an enemy of America.

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