Month: April 2013

GOP Congressman Calls for Action Against Islam!

Finally after all of these years of grinding away against the facade that Islam is a “religion of peace”, prominent non-Muslims have finally started to speak out against it as well! Within the last week radio host Laura Ingraham has spoken out against Muslim immigration, on FOX News Judge Jeannie Pirro put an absolute smack down on Mamma Jihad, and now we see that GOP member Dana Rohrabacher, has come straight out and has called for action against Islam!

Is Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick an Accessory to Murder?!

Well unless you were sleeping for about the past two weeks, you must have heard about the Islam inspired terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. Yes, Islam is the guilty party in the attacks, but there is more to the story than that. There might be what many would call an accessory to the crime, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, might be him.

North American Infidel (NAI) Call to Action ~ Help Fight the Islam Inspired Hatred of Israel!

Recently I received the following email from an infidel located in Canada:

Dear Sir:
I was informed yesterday about a FaceBook site called “Death to Israel”. You can access the site by entering “Death to Israel” in FB’s search engine. This is apparently a group site dedicated to annihilating Israel. What is even more disturbing are the graphic pictures of dead children and dead bodies being disrespected.

North American Infidels Salutes Radio Host Laura Ingraham!

As most of you probably know I have been calling for an end to Muslim for several years now, but have been disappointed that there are not enough prominent people also supplying answers to the threat of Islam. That is besides the fact that most of the mainstream media has been complacent with the enemy ideology of Islam. But now thankfully radio host Laura Ingraham has stepped up to the plate, and has spoken out against Muslim immigration. We here at Logan’s Warning/North American Infidels (NAI) salute her for taking such a brave stance in order to protect America from further Islamic infiltration. Thank you Laura!

Dead Islamic Boston Bomber was a fan of “Taliban Rapper” Vinnie Paz!

Back in August of 2011 I exposed that Philadelphia’s “Taliban gangsta” rapper Vinnie Paz was too much of a moral coward to condemn Mohammad for being a rapist, and slave owner. I also spoke out against his irresponsible pro-Islamic terrorism video. Now unfortunately my words are proven true as I was informed that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead Islamic Boston Bomber was a fan of the terror loving Vinnie Paz!

Logan’s Warning ~ North American Infidels Update!

Hello friends,

I apologize for the time off, I just wanted to take short break before we hit the ground running with our new project! In case you missed my Easter Day appearance on the EDL Radio Show, I proudly announced that I was handed the reigns of the North American Infidel (NAI) Facebook page! The page is turning into an anti-Islam army, as we are close to 5000 strong!