Month: January 2012

The Middle East has Come to NYC

Never in my entire life did I recall music being broadcast onto the streets of NY from a food cart. But over the last year or two, there have been plenty of firsts for me in the city. One was hearing the Islamic prayers being broadcast onto the streets from a West side Mosque, another was seeing halal food carts surrounding Ground Zero and spread across the city like a spiderweb, and a third was seeing Muslims rallying at Times Square in support of the “Egyptian Revolution”. A revolution that has put Islamic political parties like the Muslim Brotherhood into a position of power. Another recent first took place the other day when I was walking through the city, and could not help but hear Egyptian music being blasted like a rock concert for all to hear.

Times Square NYC: Muslims Rally for Egyptian Revolution ~ Videos

This afternoon on a cold, wet, winter day, Muslims took to the streets in support of the “the great Egyptian people”. In the recent election that took place in Egypt, “the great Egyptian people” voted in Islam parties to the tune of 2/3Rd’s of the seats in their government. With the pro-Sharia Muslim Brotherhood taking the lions share. This rally was lead by the same guy who took the stage at a recent UN rally for Palestinian statehood. He says they stand against dictators, but not a word about the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims living in America would never be be pro-Sharia. Nah, that could never happen…

NY Islamic School: We are in an Un-Islamic Environment

Searching the Internet to further expose the internal threat of Islam, I found another Islamic school which is not happy with Muslims living in the “un-Islamic environment” of America. Other Mosques/schools that have echoed that call are in Philadelphia, and Houston. Ones in Buffalo and NJ have stated they have created their own Islamic environments. Like I have said, Muslims are not in non-Islamic countries to assimilate, they are in them to dominate.

NY: IDIOTS Firebomb Islamic Center ~ UPDATE in Comment Section

Now this is NOT the way to start off the new year in regards to the war with Islam! Yes Islam is at war with us, and smart infidels are at war with Islam in return. But when I say war, I do not mean a war of violence with Muslims in America. As idiotic violent actions like these attacks will only hurt us in the war with Islam. Islamic organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), are going to take this act and run with it as long as they can. Besides CAIR, Muslims already have the ear of US authority figures across the country. We do not need Islam to become more protected than it already is.

NewYorkustan! “Meet the Neighbors”

While there was an uprising over Lowe’s wisely pulling their ads from the failing “All American Muslim” show, another Muslim in America show was creeping in. This one is entitled “NewYorkustan”. Just like with the “Little Egypt” section of Queens NY, Muslims are renaming sections of America in their attempt to take over.