Logan’s Warning Exclusive ~ 911 Pro-Islam, Pro-GZ Mosque, Anti-Geller-Spencer Rally!

On Sunday 911, I headed over to the Ground Zero area to attend the opposition party’s pro-Islam, pro-Ground Zero Mosque, and anti- Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer rally. As I was walking towards City Hall for the rally, I passed through the area where the 911 Memorial was taking place. The first thing I noticed were the security barriers that were set up because of Islamic terrorism.

Before heading into the enemy’s camp it was nice to see some true patriots on the way.

The first opposition rally had a noon start time. Being that I was early I wanted to scope out the area, and made my rounds. One of the best sites of the day was a row of pro-America vehicles, including the following “One Nation Under God” Corvette.

Another nice thing to see where the amount of Christians on some of the corners proselytizing. Surprisingly I saw few Muslims.

Here are some of the Christian based materials that were being handed out.

Still heading towards City Hall to to see the opposition protest, I was passing by St. Paul’s Chapel, and about to go inside when I saw the block across the street was packed with 911 “truthers”.

Back to them later, and now to the Church memorial.

Inside the Church:

From there I decided to head back through the front and see what else the 911 “truthers” had to say.

Let’s take a closer look inside the “truther’s” camp.

While hanging out in their camp, some patriot bikers decided to send them a little message. Please excuse the “classy” elderly woman at the 00:25 mark. She wasn’t too happy with a little competition.

Finally it was time for the first opposition rally. It was set to start at noon, and was a memorial to the victims of the US War on Terror! It is just disgraceful that they would hold this on 911!

Part II is in the works.

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