One of Anjem Choudary’s Cronies Responds to Logan’s Warning!

Just like Anjem Choudary did not have the guts to step on America soil, so far he has not had the guts to answer my questions. But one of his cronies “LondonDawah”,has showed up to try and cover for him. Here are the comments he left on my YouTube page.

londondawah (1 day ago)
hey logan we would love to feed your blog with a nice article but we are not that stupid, keep at it with the hot air, you are actually our tool

You give me a “nice article” every time you protest, in which I use to turn more non-Muslims against your movement. Thank you.

londondawah (1 day ago)
and yes we known about you for years , just like your cousins over at mypetjawa and the youtube smackdown crew – keep at it kafir – subscribe and keep our hits up !

Frightening….the backlash you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. I will keep at it. I plan on playing a big part in the defeat of Sharia movement.

londondawah (1 day ago)
the fact we got your attention means we are winning ! and anjem hasnt got time for you minor fish, CNN and FOX are doing a better job for us than you are, when you get at a better status than an online trash blog then you will be perhaps worthy of our time. get ready we will conquer the earth and your money will be ours a megamosque from ground zero to washington.

People like you who want to turn back the clock on the world are hard to miss. Obviously “I am worthy of your time”, as you did respond. Let’s see if you have the guts to answer my question. I will NEVER bow to your religion, what should happen to me?

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