India: Anti-Muslim Modi Wins the Election ~ Muslims Meltdown

Why are they in Muslim meltdown mode? Because under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has been in Islam crackdown mode. Some examples of this are documented in the following articles.

  1. India: Some Colleges Say Lose the Hijab or Get out!
  2. India: Excludes Muslim Asylum Seekers From Citizenship
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  4. Al Jazeera Complains About Modi & the Upcoming Elections in India
  5. India: Muslims are Losing Political Power

Now let us see if we can add to that list. Hopefully so.

Opinion: For Indian Muslims like me, an unshakable feeling of doom

New DelhiCNN — 

It has not been easy being a Muslim in Narendra Modi’s India. With the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) steadfastly refusing to allow my community even a token representation in corridors of power, India’s largest minority, the third largest Muslim population in the world, is left voiceless.

For the first time since India’s Independence in 1947, the ruling party did not have a single Muslim Member of Parliament.

Well that certainly is good news. Because Muslims use electoral systems in non-Islamic countries against the country in an attempt to empower Islam.

Tuesday’s election results, in which Prime Minister Modi sealed a rare third term, only enhance the sense of gloom and doom for Indian Muslims like me. My community may once again not have an MP in the government.

If you are a regular at Logan’s Warning you have probably heard me say that all “cultures” just do not mix. So if Muslims are not happy in India they should do themselves and the country a favor and move. Pakistan is right next door.


Except for one candidate in the constituency of Kerala, the BJP refused to put up Muslim candidates. This had an unfortunate ripple effect with the number of Muslims getting tickets from other parties showing a decline.

The main opposition party, Congress, failed to put up a Muslim candidate in the capital, New Delhi, as well as in the commercial center Mumbai and in Mahatma Gandhi’s home state, Gujarat. In fact, the number of Muslim candidates put up by major political parties showed a steep decline, falling from 115 in the 2019 elections, to 78 in 2024.

The news just keeps getting better by the minute. Because allowing Muslims to yield political power in non-Islamic countries is cultural suicide, AKA as Islamicide.


Our food habits, clothing, education centers and places of worship are all likely to be under greater scrutiny, possibly even violent attacks in the days of come.

Unlike Mohammad, I am not violent, nor am I calling for violence against non-violent Muslims. I am all for political actions against Muslims though.

Now comes what might be the best news in the article.

Already, medieval Indian mosques, some as old as 900 years, are being contested by Hindu outfits in various courts. There have been noises that the world-famous Taj Mahal was originally a Hindu temple, and that the historic Qutb Minar in Delhi was built after demolition of temples.

A community which has seen the 16th century mosque, the Babri Masjid, become a Hindu temple during Modi’s second term has reason to fear the worst.

We’ve seen BJP leaders talking of closing Islamic seminaries across the states of Uttar Pradesh and Assam. In the state of Uttarakhand, a hurriedly cobbled together Uniform Civil Code is in place – essentially a single set of laws for all residents that does not take into account the customs or religious laws of different religions or minority groups. It could be the norm for the rest of India soon as the BJP tries to deny Indian Muslims the right to follow Islamic laws in civil matters, a right granted by the Indian Constitution.

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Yes! I am all for those actions. Because there is a bottom line here.

And it’s not an if, its a when. Which is why there are over 50 Muslim dominated countries out of the 195 countries on the planet.

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