~Let’s Lock Arms and Fight the Persecution of Christians!~‏‏

Hello everyone, in order to fight the Islamic persecution of Christians we are going to need a much louder voice from the Christian community. So I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this link to any Churches you are in contact with.

Thank you,


~Let’s Lock Arms and Fight the Persecution of Christians!~‏‏

As a matter of introduction, I am Christopher Logan, and I founded and own the website named “Logan’s Warning”, dedicated to exposing the threat of Islamization and Sharia Law within America. As many know, Christians in the Middle East have been persecuted for centuries. Now, with Islamic enclaves forming across America, the oppression of Christians is underway in our country! However, many among us are not educated to the fact that this oppressive treatment is called for directly in the words of the holy Koran, the basis of Islam itself. Simply stated, Islam IS the problem!

Islam and What it Means to Christians

One recent example of this was shown in my exclusive three-part report of an April 9Th Manhattan rally.

Part I: “Islamic Rally Takes Downtown NYC! Sharia Enforced, Christians Booted!!~ Exclusive Interview”

Click HERE to view.

Part II: “~NYC “Peace” Leader Calls for Militant Movement & The Islamicnake~ VIDEO!~”

Click HERE to view.

Part III: ~Busing Them In & Burqa NYCity~

Click HERE to view.

Another example of this atrocious behavior was seen in Dearborn, Michigan.

Michigan: 3 Christians Arrested For Reaching out to Muslims!

Click HERE to view.

As stated earlier, the persecution of Christians has spread from the Middle East, where Christians are suffering injustices because of their peaceful beliefs. This is happening in countries such as Egypt and Iraq to the West. In the UK, Christians have even been arrested for “insulting” Islam! Yet symbols of Christianity are allowed to be desecrated in art exhibits. Why the double standard?!

Not only is this persecution being led by the Islamists of the world, it is also being facilitated by our own government!

Pentagon Bans More Christians From National Day of Prayer

Click HERE to view.

On the other hand the Obama administration is clearly in support of Islam.

Sadly, far too many in the Christian community are silent as our brothers and sisters lose their rights. For the sake of our future generations, it is time to stop being politically correct and start speaking out against the Islamic led persecution of Christians! To accomplish this, we need to build our numbers and make our voices heard everywhere, online, to the media, and any other place that is an appropriate venue to express our concern.

Please support Logan’s Warning and our important educational mission by sharing/promoting the site. Logan’s Warning is a 100% donation-funded venture dedicated to preserving America’s freedoms of speech & religion. Thank you for your time and assistance. God Bless America!

Yours Truly,

Christopher Logan



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11 years ago

I will see what I can do in Australia.

11 years ago

If the multicultural and Muslim leaders of the world think that Christianity dies because of brutality, I’d suggest they look at the early history of the Christian church.
Christians were persecuted mercilessly, hunted, demeaned and murdered in those years.
And yet Christianity grew, and will continue to do so.
Eventually, the most contrarian religion in the world will be Christianity followed closely by Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.
The most free people in the world, and the ones who will have to fight hardest to preserve their cultures will be skeptics and neo-Pagans.
All these people are our friends because they do not practice replacement theologies.
And we must be very strong in defining Christianity as a monotheism that will not tolerate a replacement theology– We must truly and THOROUGHLY WESTERNIZE Christianity.
That means a genuine respect for the individual whether in truth or in error, and a willingness to preserve his life and limb and that of his family.
Christian concepts, don’t you agree?
The coming struggle must define Christianity as completely against Islam. That means every Islamic element must be purged from doctrine and practice.
That means Unitarians must tolerate Trinitarians, and they must put mystery back into their theology– this was an element the Quakers kept.
That is why Quakers are individualistic and pacifistic and some of the Unitarians within Christianity are often so bloodless and vile.
Most Unitarians in Christianity are also in favor of Chrislam or in dhimmi pacts with Muslims.

11 years ago

Want an example of a dhimmi pact?
It’s not as if they aren’t real or never existed.
This is what Muslims want:


Hat tip to:

Read it through.
Because this is the model for all Muslim interaction with the “rest”.

11 years ago

I applaud you in your efforts here, my friend. I am fairly new to the Christian family, I live in SE Virginia. As you are probably aware, we have a huge problem in Northern Virginia with radical muslims and politicians who protect them. I have tried contacting my local media outlet and asking them to shine a light on these people, but they refuse.

I am a little disappointed by the lack of comments on this post, I think this might be an example of why we might have a very hard time in America fighting not only the creeping Sharia but also our government and their New World Order agenda…. people aren’t willing to help unless their beliefs align with the cause.

Cheeta One
Cheeta One
11 years ago

The problem is that we are so fragmented in the larger sense. We call ourselves Catholic, Protestants, Baptists, etc., We are also Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. For the muslims, we are just one entity – Infidels, and therefore primed for conversion, dhimmification, or death. They are united by their evil ideology and common identity. Also for islam to propagate, all that the so called moderate muslim has to do is – nothing. Not speak up against atrocities, not protest against discrimination. Nothing. Whereas for an ‘infidel’ not speaking up is ultimately at his/her peril.
Let us realize the common threat facing us – islam; and let us unite as non-muslims to at least inoculate our society against this evil. For this is a fight for the survival of our freedoms and our way of life.

Jeff *Proud to be an infidel
Jeff *Proud to be an infidel
11 years ago

Hey Chris

This is what I did, if any of my friends supported Muslims they were not my friend anymore, I did not just stop being their friend, I explained why… I said … I cannot be friends with someone who supports people who think that killing is ok when someone does not believe what they do. If you do not believe me then please learn it, you will be suprised on what you are supporting. After you learn it come back because I know if you did it you will not be able to look at a muslim again in the same way.

Ironically I have only lost a couple of friends. I tell them to use logans warning, apostatesofislam and faithfreedom as references to guide them on their journey. And one of those friends I found out was a muslim hahahaa. In time isolation starts happening and then these people wonder how all but muslims will not be their friends and will decide to learn a little which then they learn more. Maybe that as a guide will help. I know it is not fun but if one is serious about this, then breaking away from a friend can be the impact the person needs to become Islamaware (new word of the week thanks to Vin)