Month: September 2020

Linda “Sharia” Sarsour: “I Want you to Crush Donald Trump!” ~ Video

If you follow my site you probably know that Muslims in America are on a massive get out the vote push. Attempting to obviously get as many Muslims into office as possible, plus as many useful idiot non-Muslims into office as possible as well. Starting with Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Exclusive: Islamic Expansionism in Long Island NY ~ Photos

Once again working on a tip from a Long Island Logan’s Warning reader I am forced to report on another case of Islamic expansionism that is taking place in NY. Queens to be exact. What is eerily similar to the last tip the same person handed to me is that both are cases of Muslims muscling into residential neighborhoods with no concerns for the beliefs and wants of non-Muslims.

Mufti Menk’s Marauding Minions Lash out ~ As he Continues to Evade

The top two main religions on the planet are Christianity and Islam (Although I do not consider Islam a religion.) The first can be criticized without the fear of reprisal. The second not so. Now why is that? The answer is that Islam is so vile that Muslims have to mislead the public on it because they know in a forum of truthful and open ideas it does not stand a chance.

World Renowned Islamic Scholar Mufti Menk Runs When Refuted by Logan’s Warning

If you are a regular reader of Logan’s Warning you most likely know that I go out of my way to expose the lies told by Muslim propagandists. The reason I do so is because we cannot win the war with Islam, if we do not win the information war with Muslim propagandists. 

Muslim “fan” Emails Logan’s Warning

While more prominent names “in this” have weakened and have fallen into the “moderate Muslims/Islam” are going to save us trap, I have continued to speak the truth about the issue. Continually exposing the threatening mindset of everyday Mo’s. 

Exclusive: Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum is Purposely Misleading the Public on Islam ~ Picture Proof

Friends when there is a problem in life the best way to solve it is to get to the root of it. Unfortunately when it comes to the threat of Islam itself Daniel Pipes’ and his sidekick Stacey Roman of the Middle East Forum (MEF) are not willing to do so.