Here we go Again: Islamic Expansionism Downtown NYC

On October 17Th, I wrote about the Masjid Mosque (Masjid Manhattan), which is looking to for a new location in downtown Manhattan. As their current location is not big enough for the amount of worshippers they have.

On Friday evenings the mosque, which is popular with street vendors and taxi drivers, becomes so crowded that worshipers spill onto nearby sidewalks to pray in what has come to be a community event.

Today I bring up the Assafa Islamic Center, which is in the process of expanding as well.


Assafa owns a vacant lot in one of the most important part of manhattan (Lower East-Side )172 Eldridge Street, between Delancy and Rivington streets, downtown, Manhattan.

A Six story Building has been planed for the center. The center will have arrangements for Jumuah, and the five-time prayers, , NYC BOE Compliant Islamic Education for children, and Islamic Teaching for adults, Islamic seminars, Tafseer, Community services, Islamic library, computer services, marriages, funeral services, and other Islamic services.

There will be appropriate and adequate spaces for sisters as well, Insha-Allah. The plan for A Six-story new building has been approved by NYC Building Department. The negotiated contract cost of the project is approximately $1.85 Million.Insha-Allah.There has been Assafa’s New masjid building ground breaking on March 29,2009.The Construction is in steady progress. The Contractors did excavation work and finished shoring, under pinning and completed footing and made the foundation of basement ,first floor,2nd floor and 3rd floor .

Now blocking work of 4th floor is going on. So at least $800k needed by the end of this year. Our appeal to you is to join us in this great effort, donate generously, and help build Assafa Islamic Center to please Allah (SWT).

If America continues to treat Islam as any other religion, she might as well just pull the trigger already. We will lose this war.

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