Logan’s Warning Exclusive Report of Pastor Jones’ Times Sq 911 Speech

On Saturday afternoon I headed over to Times Square to catch Pastor’s Jones’ speech on Islam, and the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. The Pastor was with his right hand man, Pastor Wayne Sapp. As I was walking to meet up with them, I noticed a row of flashing lights about a block and a half away from where Jones was going to be speaking.

Of course I thought the lights were from police cars, but they were not. They were from cars produced from the patriots of “Fueled by the Fallen”, and they were just awesome!

The following 911 car was my favorite one. If I were Mayor this would be the design of all the NYPD cars. Of course Muslims would not like that, but personally I do not care what “offends” them. As I was taking the pictures of those cars, two hijabed women were walking by with angry smirks on their face. Too bad, if Muslims cannot deal with the growing anti-Islam campaign that is taking place in America, the door to leave is not locked!

From there I proceeded to meet up with the two Pastors. Even though I had arrived earlier than the 4PM start time, Dr Jones was already getting interviewed. So I turned the camera right on and did a short interview with Pastor Sapp. My questions were about the Churches that are opening their doors to Islam.

After speaking with Wayne, I went back to filming the pre-speech interview of Jones.

Just minutes later the Pastor started his speech. (For the record, I admire his tenacity against Islam, and I agree with a lot of what he says, but I do not agree with everything he said. I want to end all Muslim immigration and Mosque construction.) At the 5:20 mark a singing leftist (possibly using his cell as a karaoke machine) tries to interrupt the Pastor. He is singing “All you Need is Love”, but at the 5:50 mark he looks like he wants to kill Jones!

Jones did a great job holding his composer, and now we move onto part II.

At the the 11:00 mark a guy brings up the Crusades during the Q & A, and I wanted to jump in, but being it was not my event I bit my tongue. I did not want to steal the spotlight from Pastor Jones. Later he gave me the nod to jump in, but I still held back a bit as it was his event.

Finally, the end Q & A with me, Jones, and two Islam supporting leftists.

There was no way the two we debated were leaving until they had a shot at the Pastor. Not surprisingly, they did not stick around much longer after I mentioned specific Koran verses though. Unfortunately the two leftists did not have it in them to criticize Islam. The woman was friendly and respectful, but Mr. Smirky I Hate Christianity Want to be Elitist, needs to grow a set.

Stay tuned for my next exclusive report, from the opposition party’s Ground Zero 911 rally!

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