Month: December 2018

Ask a Muslim, AKA Exposing the Mindset of Muslims

Sure there are other bloggers and organizations that speak out against Islamic terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram and ISIS, and I thank them for that. Unfortunately the threat of Islam goes way beyond Islamic terrorist organizations. The problem goes down to your everyday Muslim. Your average Mo. Because for the most part they are the ones who are selfishly changing the world to suit Islam. They are the ones who smile as they tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. They are the ones who attempt to create the falsehood of peaceful coexistence with Islam. They are part of the problem.

The Bahamas Going Islam!

If you know of my views on Islam you probably know that I view Islam as a two-tier threat. The first and most obvious one is the threat of violent jihadists. The second and most dangerous is what I like to call insidious Islam. In which Muslims gradually change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Done mostly within the law.