Month: April 2024

Fashion Dawah ~ the Threat

For those who don’t know what “dawah” means, it is the act of proselytizing when Muslims invite non-Muslims to accept Islam. Sure it sounds innocent. The reality is that it is far from it though. With the reason being that Muslims use dawah in an attempt to mislead non-Muslims on Islam. Even holding workshops on how to do so.

Muslims Attempt to Bully the MTA into Respecting Ramadan

It’s just never ending my friends. I wish I was wrong when I state the following, but we are reminded over and over of the endless push by Muslims to change America and the rest of the world to suit Islam. Which as I said unfortunately proves me right again. Islam is a perpetual war. A war that we as non-Muslims can never lower our guard on.

Lawsuit Jihad Strikes NYC

If you are new to this site and the threat of Islam there are two main points I would like to explain to you. The first being is that Islam itself is a two-tiered threat. The first and most obvious one is the threat of violent jihadists.