Minnesota: Planning Board Calls for one Year Delay on Proposed Islamic Enclave

As I have been saying for years, in order to defeat Islam legal actions will have to be enacted against Muslims and Islam. Whether it be calling for an end to all Muslim immigration, fighting the ‘normalization” of Islam in our non-Islamic public schools, or by taking a stand against Islamic expansionism in non-Islamic countries. The point is that activism is a must.

Lino Lakes panel backs 1-year delay on mosque housing development

The Planning Board’s vote was unanimous; the City Council will vote next on the proposed moratorium. 

The Lino Lakes Planning and Zoning board voted Monday night to recommend a one-year moratorium for a large-scale housing development with a mosque that has generated strong local opposition.

The vote by the planning board was unanimous, but the moratorium must be approved by the Lino Lakes City Council in order to take effect.

While a year is not nearly enough, because only forever will be enough, it is a step in the right direction. Now let us hope the decision stands.


Supporters of the project allege that the development is being treated unfairly because it includes a mosque. They have accused opponents of Islamophobia.

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Of course, when criticized or defeated Muslims have to go to the favorite victim card. The Muslim victim card. When it fact Islam is a clear and present danger to non-Muslims.