Month: May 2011

Muslims Get Support of Italy’s Top Bishop to Build Mosque in Milan

I would personally like to “thank” Christian “leaders” across the world, for aiding and abetting in the destruction of Western Civilization. Unlike them I actually care about protecting life as I know it, so I have two questions for them. If they know the truth about Islam being a threat to Christianity, then why do they not have the courage to stand up for their own religion?

Muslim “Memorial Day” Weekend

While non-Muslims across America were honoring our fallen WARRIORS, and rightly so, two major Islamic conventions were taking place this past weekend. The first was the 2nd annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit US Convention, which was held in Long Beach California, from May 28th – May 30th.

My Email to Anjem Choudary

My name is Christopher Logan, and I run the website. I see that you think you own the streets of the UK. I suggest you enjoy it while you can. Because it will not last, as the English Defense League will eventually chase you off the streets. In your latest video you are calling for Sharia for America. So I’ll make this very clear for you. That will NEVER happen.

Herman Cain Backs off on Anti-Islam Comments!

Back in late March possible presidential candidate Herman Cain (Georgia, U.S.), stated that he would not bring any Muslims into his cabinet. This interview can be seen by clicking HERE. Today Cain does an a 180 on us and clearly lies about what he did say in the past interview. How disappointing.

Philadelphia Mosque: We Will Protect Muslims From Surrounding Non-Islamic Environment!

Just like numerous other articles on this site, we will see another group of Muslims who are not interested in assimilating into America. Their interest is to live a complete Islamic life while expanding the reach of Islam. Today we will take a look at Philadelphia’s Al-Aqsa Islamic Society. Located at 1501 Germantown Avenue, the society is not hiding their agenda.