NY: Today’s ACT! Rally~ Islamophiles Spew Their Venom!~ Videos

I just got back from today’s ACT! rally at City Hall, in which they gave a press conference against the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. After the press conference they headed to see our Islamophile Mayor. They went to his office to hand him a petition signed by over 120,000 people who are in opposition to the Mosque.

I first arrived at City Hall at about 10:30 AM and I meet up with a new friend Andrea (who is a reader of this site), but we did not see any crowd gathering or media. Finally at about 10:50 I spotted a mostly anti-Mosque crowd gathered on the Park Row side of City Hall.

After a few minutes the police told everyone to form a line before we could enter and head to the steps of City Hall. As that point an Islamophile started to spew his hate towards the anti-Mosque crowd. I was silent this time, but you will also see one of his cronies in the background (the woman with the sign). Listen to her words carefully, she has been caught on tape stating that they were there to cause trouble. We will see more of them later.

Once we were let in I noticed the crowd was about twice the size of the previous day’s Dr. Jones’ rally, but there was only about half the MSM present. Here is the press conference with ACT! spokesman Guy Rodgers leading the way.

During his speech you might have heard some chants about racism coming from the opposition, which most of were already escorted outside the fence. But of course another hatemonger wondered through. According to this historian we lost WWII, oh my mistake, according to him we are the Nazis.


The next speaker was a woman who lost her brother Sean on 911, he was a firefighter and US Marine. She states he was killed in the name of Islam.

After the press conference, some of the opposition decided to act up and started up with their chant of “we say no to racist fear”. Right after that subsided, a woman whose name I will not mention walked up to us, and agreed with what we were saying. What race is Islam? The woman was very nice, said she was a liberal, and did not understand how anyone could defend Islam. She mentioned that the more she read about it, the more she was against it. Her message was that we had to make it clear, Islam is not a race. It was very refreshing to have a mature conversation with a liberal on this issue. She has my respect.

A few minutes later the police asked everyone to leave. Outside the gate I noticed the guy who was calling us Nazis in video #2 above, and his crew. I decided to walk over to them with Andrea, and try to have an adult conversation with them. Here is where they spewed their venom, and once I saw they would not respond to me with anything other than what about Christianity, or their immature insults, I decided to just film their out of control behavior. After a bit, the police cleared the street.


Earlier they mentioned they were there for confrontation, and that is exactly what they did. But I just do not see the point though. Our movement will not be intimidated!

(For the record, before the next event I will be working on learning how to edit the videos.)

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