Japan Decides to Join the Mass Islamicide

Years ago there was a meme circulating around the Internet which implied that Islam was not spreading in Japan. If you are not sure what I am talking about this is the meme below.

While the points sounded amazing, I was skeptical though. So I did some research on Islam in Japan and found that it was spreading. Slowly, but spreading. Now to make matters worse Japan has sadly decided to join the near worldwide Islamicide by rolling out the red carpet for Muslim tourists. Which is what Taiwan has done as well.

Japan aims to attract more vegetarian and Muslim visitors

Japan will begin a model project during the current fiscal year to help regional communities attract more foreign visitors with diverse dietary and cultural habits, such as vegetarians and Muslims.

The Japan Tourism Agency will provide subsidies to promote the use of pictograms showing food ingredients, the development of menus for such visitors and the establishment of prayer spaces for Muslims.

Do the leaders of Japan not see what Muslim immigration has brought to Europe? Or has the potential money grab blinded them? Because they are certainly not thinking long-term here.


The city of Okayama certifies accommodation facilities deemed friendly to Muslims. The city of Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Prefecture, focuses on promoting halal meals prepared in accordance with Islamic law.

The agency hopes that many other local governments will follow suit.

Once again we see non-Muslims carrying the water for Muslims. Which is the equivalent of Jews carrying the water for Nazis.


The model project will support the development of original Japanese food menus for Muslims and vegetarians from abroad.


Subsidies will also be provided to support the establishment of prayer spaces for Muslims at tourist information centers and michi no eki roadside rest areas.

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Will the results of giving Muslims the benefit of the doubt in Japan be any different than they are in Europe?

When does the Islamification of the world end? I’ll tell you when. When non-Muslims stop respecting Islam as a religion and start treating it as the hostile political ideology it is. Which means showing it no respect at all. Which is exactly what it deserves.

That’s the unfortunate harsh reality of the situation my friends. Which means we need to make Logan’s Warning the go to site for information on the worldwide threat of Islam. You can help do so by making a one-time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.

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