Brigitte Gabriel Responds to Logan’s Warning

The other I received the following email in response to my “Brigitte Gabriel: “Radicals are Hijacking the Agenda”, “Moderates” the Answer”, article.

I tried to post the following on your blog tonight from Brigitte Gabriel, but for whatever reason it will not take it. Any assistance you could provide would be helpful. Thanks.

Hal Weatherman
National Communications and Marketing Director
Act for America

In response to your blog posting regarding my recent interview of Dr. Tawfik Hamid, I point out the following. Dr. Hamid is courageous. He is openly calling for reformation within his faith. You might disagree or decide that it is not possible, but I welcome his call. If that draws your criticism, so beit. I think we owe it to him and to anyone else within the Muslim community who has the courage to openly speak out against the radicalization we see happening in America today, to give them an ear to that voice.

I know you welcome his call, and that is the problem. You know full well it is not happening. So why are you so eager to spread false hope in regards to this crucial issue? Two years ago you said “The moderate Muslims at this point are truly irrelevant.” Can you now explain why they are relevant? What have they accomplished over the past two years within the Muslim community? Can you name just one U.S. Mosque that supports Jasser or Hamid? After that, please explain how non-Muslims promoting these so called “moderate” Muslims is going to get Muslims to stand with them? Why are they always looking to be in the company of non-Muslims, instead of Muslims? That is exactly what “Muslims Against Sharia” used to do. Another organization that was a complete waste of time.

To imply from my remarks, when I said, “Radicals are hijacking the agenda,” that I or Act for America are now somehow softening our stance against the ideology driving acts of jihad is nonsense. (I suggest you read chapter three of my last book: They Must Be Stopped) for how bluntly I address the nature of the threat.

Send me a copy and I will read it.

Christopher Logan
P.O. Box 313336
Jamaica, NY 11431

Thank you.

The agenda of Ataturk who secularized Turkey, Sadat who signed a peace treaty with Israel, King Hussein and later his son King Abdullah who have a peace treaty with Israel, the Iranian overthrown Shah and many other westernized Arab leaders has been hijacked and replaced by Khomeini, and now radical Islamic groups who are adhering to a fundamentalist (7th Century) interpretation of Islam as detailed in the Koran, Hadith and Sira.

Ataturk died in 1938, Sadat in 1981, we have been paying Jordan off since 1952, and a recent poll from Jordan showed us some disturbing but no surprising news.

According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion.

Are you actually supporting the two-faced King Abdullah? Have you forgotten how non-Muslims are treated in Saudi Arabia?

You are really reaching here. Unbelievable. All you have proven is that “moderates” are not coming to the rescue. As things are clearly getting worse across the world.

Many Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians and others across the world are not ready yet to give up their music, dancing, laughter, movie theaters and restaurants that serve alcohol. Even in Lebanon where Hezbollah isalmost controlling the country right now, there are Muslims who still go to the beach in their Bikinis, party at nightclubs and drink alcohol. Just Google former Prime Minister Harriri’s daughters and family members. Just look at Queen Rania of Jordan and most women in the Jordanian royal family who looklike they stepped out of the front page of Vogue Magazine. Just look at Ms.America, a Muslim Shiite from South Lebanon. She isn’t covering in a burka anytime soon.

What you have mentioned means little to nothing. Islam is still marching across the world, and while I wish them the best, I am much more concerned with what is happening in the West. Not all Germans were Nazis, and not all Japanese were Imperialists. But there comes a point in time where it does not matter. We are there now. It is time to stop dancing around the issue, and call the ideology by its name. That name is Islam! It’s time to stop spreading false hope by promoting so called “moderates”, and time to call for the tough measures that are needed to win this war. Like making our country self reliant, and drilling to end the need for Islamic oil. Then calling for an end to Muslim immigration. Just like Geert Wilders has done. Do you want to wait until things are as bad here as they are across Europe, before tough measures are called for?

However, as radicals organize and become funded to the tune of billions buying weaponry and power all over the Islamic world, they are threatening the self described moderate Muslims, silencing them in sheer intimidation, and attacking them all over the world for their stand, even here in America. Just look what happened at Peter King’s hearing, where the courageous few Muslim individuals who dared testify as to the intimidation and tactics used by radicals in their community, were themselves ridiculed, mocked, scoffed at and insulted by members of their own Muslim community for their testimony.

That’s because the Muslim community does not care what your so called “moderate friends” have to say about Islam reforming. They stand against it happening. Thanks for proving my point.

As much as we demand that self described moderate Muslims step forward and make their voice heard, we owe it to those few who are willing to do so to give them aplatform and magnify their voice so others may be encouraged. If those few who are stepping forward are going to be mocked and ridiculed by those of us who call for reform on top of the attacks from their own community, they are going to stop speaking.

Please speak for yourself. I do not owe the Islamic world a thing. They had 1400 years to change their ways. It is not happening. But you continue to spread false hope….

Do I believe that these reformists face an uphill battle within their own faith community? Yes. Am I going to stop mobilizing the nation through ACT! for America because we now have a few moderates starting to speak out? Of course not. I will do everything I can to mobilize and organize my own house and community to stand up to the threat of Islamic radicalism. But while I do that, I believe I should give Muslim reformists a voice, hoping they can rally others who think like them to join them? I owe it to them and I owe it to my country and my children to try to empower those few poor souls who are laying their life on the line going against their own people and religious upbringing in their call for reforming the religion. Brigitte Gabriel

You should owe your country and children the truth! The truth is that “moderates” are not coming to the rescue. You also miss the point that Jasser and the Dr. are actually promoting Islam. Why would team up with anyone who is promoting Islam, when Islam itself is the problem? Why don’t you ask them tough questions? Why don’t you ask them how they can honor Mohammad the rapist? One would think they would run as far as they could from a man like Mohammad. Start with that one, and please let me know their response…

Thanks for responding, have a good day.


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