Month: March 2024

Voicemails From Hell

For those who are not on the social application Telegram here is a little information about it. Not only does it have rooms that you can text in, it also gives users the option to leave voice messages.

India: Excludes Muslim Asylum Seekers From Citizenship

Well, well, well,… looks like at least one country is waking up to the current Muslim invasion, and is willing to protect itself from the great culture killer called Islam. As it is an ideology of conquest.

Gambia Moves to Allow FGM

If you don’t know about Gambia it is an overwhelming Muslim populated country in Africa. The U.S. government estimates the total population at 2.2 million (midyear 2020 estimate).…

Dr. Ahmed: If Americans Fight Islam Muslims Will Fight Back

Personally I don’t have it in me to sit around and lie all day in an attempt to mislead people on any issue. Unfortunately for America, that is exactly what Gain Peace’s Dr. Sabeel Ahmed does for a living.

Biden Administration Takes a Strong Stand for Islam

I don’t fully trust politicians and I certainly don’t trust Biden at all. Unfortunately he did not lie when he held his historic pre-election Muslim only conference back in July 2020 though.

NYPD Ousts Vendors Selling Islamic Goods Just Before Ramadan

Now this is exactly what Islam deserves. No respect at all. Why? Because I don’t consider it a religion but a hostile political ideology. One that does not belong in America. Because respecting Islam as a religion is a 1400 year-old proven cultural suicide.

Does BLM Leader Shaun King Actually Support Slavery?

The reason I ask is because the Brooklyn NY activist just recently converted to Islam and Islam allows the taking of sex slaves. AKA as “right hand possess”. The taking of sex slaves is authorized in Koran verses 4:24, 4:25,…