Ex-Muslim Hirsi Ali Speaks out Against the US Dawah Movement

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sure, the more people who speak out against massive dawah (proselytizing) movement that is taking place in America and across the West the better. There is a catch or two though when it comes to ex-Muslim Hirsi Ali. Who I like to call Apostate Ali. A woman who clearly sympathizes with Muslims. Which is where the “bad and the ugly” will come in.

‘Biden is TOAST!’ US President warned American Muslims ‘brainwashed’ into caring more about the Middle East

A prominent American human rights activist has warned that Joe Biden and his administration are “toast” at the next Presidential election due to “brainwashed Muslims” in the US.

Despite dwindling popularity amongst US voters, the 81-year-old President is gunning for a second term in The White House as he is set to face rival Donald Trump in the November ballot.

Speaking to GBN America, Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim who recently converted to Christianity, claimed that there is an “advancing of Dawah” in the States which could sway this year’s election.

The Good

In conversation with Steven Edginton, Hirsi Ali warned the Democrats and American voters of the “agenda the Muslim activists are pushing”.

As I said, that warning is good and what I try to do here on a near daily basis.

Hirsi Ali explained: “The agenda is anti-Christian, it is anti-American, it is anti-Republican and it is anti-church.Expand article logo

“The Republicans have failed to see the agenda that the activist Muslims are pushing.”

Actually a few Republicans have recently spoken out against the Muslim political movement in America. Unfortunately it is not nearly enough though.


However, Hirsi Ali argued that the Republicans and Conservative voters are more likely to have “something in common” with the Muslim activists.

Hirsi Ali claimed: “Superficially, Republicans and conservatives who are interested in protecting the family, protecting the rights of women, rights of the unborn child, protecting religious freedom, at times will think that they have something in common with those Muslims who are advancing Dawah.”

Which is because there is currently a lack of education on Islam in America. Although the voices against Islam are certainly on the rise, we need to further educate the voter base to fact that Islam discriminates on the basis of gender and religion.

The Bad

Turning the conversation to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and America’s efforts in the war, Hirsi Ali said it was “far more likely” that radical Islamists and terrorists will enter via refugee and asylum routes to America, not innocent women and children.

She told Steven: “We’re going to get Palestinian Islamic Jihad members who are going to get radical, hardened militant Islamists to come into America through the asylum and refugee process.

Now we get into the bad parts of Apostate Ali. The first being refusal to name the enemy. Which is essential if we are to defeat Islam in America etc. There is no Islamism, therefore there are no Islamists. Only Islam and Muslims.

Adding to the bad, her sympathy for Muslims blinds her to fact that Muslimas can be violent jihadists as well. Based on the fact that Mohammad’s child bride Aisha herself led a Muslim civil war. Entitled The Battle of the Camel. Then there is the fact that Muslimas are well entrenched in the stealth jihad aspect of this war.


However, Hirsi Ali stressed: “If the Palestinian refugees are small children and women who have been vetted and who are going to be brought here, and they are going to be assimilated into American society, into the ideas of freedom and equality for women and men, and for tolerance and pluralism.”

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As I said, Hirsi clearly sympathizes with Muslims. Which leads to what? Weak policies. Policies that actually empower Islam.

How can be Muslims be vetted when they are instructed to lie? Where is giving Muslims the benefit of the doubt working out in the West? Keeping in mind that she came to America from the Netherlands.

Not only is she against ending Muslim immigration she is also against the mass deportation Muslims. While promoting the fantasy that Islam can reform. Despite the fact it cannot.

The Ugly

Now this gets really ugly my friends. As she bashes one of the few politicians who truly gets it. Mr. Geert Wilders.

“I think that’s ridiculous, and I’ve been very hard on him for that,” Hirsi Ali said when asked about Wilders’ call for a ban on the Koran and mass deportations. “He and I are not friends at all.”

Hirsi Ali, the good, the bad and the ugly.

While all will not be happy with the information I provided in this article, someone has to say it. Because only the truth will set our future generations free from the shackles of Islam. Which is another reason why we need to make Logan’s Warning the go to site on the publics information on the threat of Islam. You can do so by making a one time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.

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