Whatever Happened to Interfaith Dialogue?! Updated 8/25/15

No coexistWhatever happened to interfaith dialogue?! That is what I want to know! If we surf the social networks, we will see Islamic organizations like the Association of Muslims of North America, The Council on American Islamic Relations, and Islamic Centers/Mosques, calling for interfaith dialogue. Even everyday Muslims are in on it. They are in it in an attempt to whitewash Islam.

But do they really mean it? Of course they don’t, they only want to engage in dialogue with non-Muslims are uninformed on Islam. Because Muslims prey on naïve and trusting non-Muslims in order to help spread Islam across the world. So in order to win the war with Islam, we must counter the Muslim misinformation machine (MMM) with the unabated truth on Islam. Besides countering the MMM with rebuttal articles, I also spend a good amount of time exposing their lies and deception on the social networks, and they are not happy about it!

Which means that Logan’s Warning/North American Infidels is getting the job done in the information war. Proof that their Islamocon is being exposed, will be seen in an ongoing photo essay of Muslims, Islamic organizations, and Mosques that have run from having interfaith dialogue with me by hitting the block option on Twitter. So in an effort to show that, I have started the new “Whatever Happened to Interfaith Dialogue” page. (I have not kept track of all the Muslims who have pulled a Muslim Houdini on me, but for now on will. For now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.)

Updated 3/3/15:

1. Blocby Kahdija

2. Block by Mufti Ismal Menk

3. Blocked by A. Ghazzah

4. Blocked by Al Mubarak Radio

5. Blocked by Abdul

6. Blocked by Asimah Rashid

7. Blocked by beheadng guy

8. Blocked by beibervalue

9. Blocked by Code Red Paz

10. Blocked by Contraian

11. Blocked by FoxnewshatesMuslims

12. Blocked by Germantown

13. Blocked by Hussain

14. Blocked by Islamic Ummah

15. Blocked by Local Masjid

16. Blocked by M. Sadiq Swati

17. Blocked by Mo Ansar

18. Blocked by Muslim Brandon

19. Blocked by Noor

20. Blocked by Salafi Masjid

21. Blocked by The Noble Koran

22. Blocked by UAF

23. Blocked my BilalMore to follow…..probably MUCH more….


24. Blocked by 2 Abu

25. Blocked by 2 Ali

26. Blocked by 2 Dom Huntman

27. Blocked by 2 Efdal

28. Blocked by 2 KayJay

29. Blocked by 2 Linda S

30. Blocked by 2 Maher

31. Blocked by 2 Wasif

Tariq Ramadan

32. Blocked by 2 Tariq Ramadan

Updated 6/07/15:

33. Blocked by 3 Adam Walker

34. Blocked by 3 Abby

35. Blocked by 3 Abu

36. Blocked by 3 Ahmad Khan

37. Blocked by 3 Ahmadian answers

38. Blocked by 3 Ali Abunimah check

39. blocked by 3 Ali Shadpour

40. Blocked by 3 Almariah

41. Blocked by 3 Arslen Shehzad

42. Blocked by 3 Ashan

43. Blocked by 3 Bilal Mahmood check for double

44. Blocked by 3 Dean's Report

Dean Obeidallah: A prominent NY Muslim propagandist who uses the platform of comedy in an attempt to whitewash Islam.

45. Blocked by 3 Dean O

46. Blocked by 3 Debbie Almontaser

Debbie Almontaser: is another well known Muslim NY Muslim propagandist. The “Queen” of interfaith.

47. Blocked by 3 Dr Rskarim

48. Blocked by 3 End MPS corruption

49. blocked by 3 ex threat

50. Blocked by 3 Haroon Mogul

Haroon Moghul: is a well know adversary of Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer.

51: Blocked by 3 Ishaaq London 47K followers

Ishaaq Londonh: has over 47K followers, yet runs from a debate with me.

52. Blocked by 3 Kevin Bushnell

53. Blocked by 3 La Vie

54. Blocked by 3 leena dajani

55. blocked by 3 mehdi Hassan

Mehdi Hassan: A very prominent UK Muslim propagandist.

56. Blocked by 3 Miss Egypt Sarah Fasha

Sarah Fasha: Even though she won Miss Egypt, she still attempted to whitewash Islam.

57. Blocked by 3 Miz

58. Blocked by 3 Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran: is another so called “moderate” Muslim who misleads the public on Islam.

59. Blocked by 3 Nawfal

60. Blocked by 3 Rameel

61. Blocked by 3 Rep Keith Ellison

Rep Keith Ellison: The Congressman is no friend of America.

62. Blocked by 3 Save Our Souls

63. Blocked by 3 Top Islamic Tweets two

64. Blocked by 3 UK Yvonne Ridley

65. Blocked by 3 UKs Maajid Nawaz

Majjid Nawaz: the equivalent of America’s Zuhdi Jasser. He is the UK’s “moderate” Muslim poster boy.

66. Blocked by 3 Ummm

67. Blocked by 3 Viridana

68. blocked by 3 yaha madi

69. Blocked by 3 Yasmeen

70. Blocked by 3 Yasmin Ara

71. Blocked by 3 Z Biloo CAIR

Zahra Billoo: is a mouthpiece for CAIR-SF, who will NOT condemn Islam for allowing child marriages. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask her yourself.

More to follow….much more.

Updated 8/25/15

72. Blocked by Quran Weekly

73. Blocked by 5 Tayyib Muslim Marine

Another Muslim Marine propagandist runs for cover.

74. Blocked by 5 Su-Maya

75. Blokced by 5 Amal

76. Blocked by 5 Su-Maya

77. Blocked by 5 SteveM

78. Blocked by 5 Real Mahdi

79. Blocked by 5 Quebec Palestine

80. Blocked by 5 Proud Shezzian

81. Blocked by 5 Nelly

82. Blocked by 5 Nadi Yusri

83. Blocked by 5 Muslim in America

84. Blocked by 5 Marokko Media

85. Blocked by 5 I am Mushahidullah

86. Blocked by 5 Hazimah Syahindah

87. Blocked by 5 Haras Rafiq Quilliam

Apparently Haras and his partner Maajid Nawaz do not like to be questioned on Islam.

88. Blocked by 5 Delic #BDS

89. Blocked by 5 Dani the pedo

90. Blocked by 5 catch the leaves

91. Blocked by 5 Barbi Rashid

92. Blocked by 5 ayoosh

93. Blocked by 5 Abu Mussab Al Gharieb Iszhadeen Media

94. Blocked by 5 AbdiRahma.San

95. Blocked by 5 Abbas Ali

96. Blocked b5 Shibli Zaman

97. Blacked by 5 Cerie

As usual, more to follow….

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7 years ago

140 characters is insufficient. Get a qualified Islamic scholar to go up against a qualified Christian theologian on a blog page with Disqus commenting activated.

Begin with the identity, paternity & divinity of Jesus Christ and his program of action for the second coming.

7 years ago

Bwahahaha! What a typical identical mob of literal BLOCKHEADS! If Muslim liars and their leftist pals can’t intimidate or physically get to you, they always, ALWAYS censor. In fact that’s ALL they can do. It’s the Mohammad identical Koran perfect ISISLAM variant way!

Hey, I’ve been blocked by many a Stealth Jihad Muslim, Jew-hating leftist and ecofascist Green mob-mentality control-freak creep ad nauseum – for surprise, posting facts they won’t and can’t answer. You’re an outstanding Happy Warrior for liberty and truth, what I call a hero blogger. Sadly, they are winning though, LW.

Sempre Fi, patriot.

Christoper Logan
7 years ago
Reply to  ColonelNeville

For now. But the tide is clearly turning against Islam. Thanks for the kind words, and keep up the good work Colonel!

7 years ago

Hey thanks, LW. Yep, victory and only VICTORY! Sempre Fi.

7 years ago

Interfaith IS chrislam…Interfaith is just another word for it…the catholics brought chrislam from Nigeria, where they made it up to try to make mo-slims stop slaughtering non-mo-slims. Try to “interfaith” Judaism or Christianity in a mosque….but let an imam preach in the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and a woman is thrown out because “that Man on that cross died for our sins. How dare you preach He is just a man?”

Christian booted from National Cathedral speaks out

Tells why she made trip from Tennessee to counter Muslim prayer service, http://www.wnd.com/2014/11/christian-booted-from-national-cathedral-speaks-out/

Christoper Logan
7 years ago
Reply to  a12iggymom

Hi Mom! That is because Islam is a one-way street, and anyone trying to keep it alive with efforts of interfaith dialogue is certainly part of the problem. Islam must be opposed head-on! (That is NOT a call to violence.)

7 years ago

islam needs to be eradicated like after the Ottoman Empire was crushed! We didn’t do a sufficient job then, we must now.

Christoper Logan
7 years ago
Reply to  a12iggymom

I am glad you understand that all this reform and interfaith talk is a complete waste of time. But I always knew you were a realist. 🙂

La Vie En Rose
La Vie En Rose
7 years ago
Reply to  a12iggymom

Islam is the fastest growing Religion, it ain’t going to nowhere

Christoper Logan
7 years ago
Reply to  La Vie En Rose

So you are proud to usher in pedophilia. Seek help!


[…] it is Miss Egypt, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or the Muslim Public Affairs Council, North American Infidels is always there to counter their […]


[…] it is Miss Egypt, the Council on American Islamic Relations, or the Muslim Public Affairs Council, North American Infidels is always there to counter their […]

La Vie En Rose
La Vie En Rose
7 years ago

i love Islam <3

Christoper Logan
7 years ago
Reply to  La Vie En Rose

Lol The obsessed freak has followed me from Twitter to FB, to here. I know, you love child marriages, sex slavery, and lashings. You are repulsive.

5 years ago

Did she explicitly say, “I love child marriages, sex slavery, and lashings”?. No, so your argument is not valid.

5 years ago

Also, how does one get blocked by Mufti Menk? That is just sad. It’s like losing a game of pickup to Mugsy Bogues when you are Hakeem Olajuwon…SAD

5 years ago

We all know the so called interfaith movement is a load of bs used by Muslims to conquer religions for Islam!
It’s all rooted in lies just like Islam..
What is it about Islam that makes people so afraid of truth ?