Month: January 2011

~INSIDER Report From Egypt: Chaos Continues To Reign!~

I just received an update from a source in Egypt who told me that approximately 1 million Egyptians have taken to the streets there yesterday and today. The obvious target of the protest is the current, oppressive Mubarak regime, whose reign has spanned the 30 years since 1981. Surprisingly, most of the protesters are liberals in the classic sense who are, at this point, NOT calling for Sharia.

Muslims Deceive Christians at Major Interfaith CONference

Christians once again blindly ate up what Muslims fed them recently. No matter how many Christians continue to suffer severe persecution under Islamic rule, it seems that most Christians just do not want to face the reality that the ultimate goal of Islam is to destroy all other religions in its quest for world dominance!

Hannity: “Take Their Oil!”~ Video

I have been saying for years that NO Islamic countries are allies of ours. That they smile as they have their hands out but throw another dagger in our back as we turn and walk away. As you watch the video, you will see how Kuwait and Iraq are making fools of us. In the video, Hannity also mentions the two-faced Saudis. If we ever come to the point in which we have a President with the guts to confront them, here is a plan that he or she might follow.

Queens NY: Halal Neon Style~ Videos

Earlier this month, I reported about the halal stands that have invaded NYC, and Brooklyn. Theses stands are now ubiquitous in the Boroughs of Manhattan & Brooklyn. Now, the landscape of Queens, NY is dotted by the halal invasion. Neon night (or light) style!

Muslims Call for Dominance of America at UCLA Conference

Thankfully, as the Sharia movement becomes more transparent, within America, more and more non-Muslims are taking the initiative and are doing their part in the never-ending information war. Earlier this week, these brave non-Muslims attended the Muslim Student Association’s (MSA) 13Th annual conference at UCLA. The theme, the message of the conference, was crystal clear: WE are the enemy, and Muslims are here to take over!