France Continues the Crack Down on Stealth Jihad

For those new to the subject, “stealth jihad” is a non-violent attempt by Muslims to change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam by using the freedoms of that country against it. One of the main targets of this movement is the education system. What better sector is there in order to “normalize” Islam in the West?

Which brings us to the good news. A continuation of the pushback against the Islamification of education systems. Whether it be in India or the West.

Muslim schools caught up in France’s fight against Islamism

PARIS, June 3 (Reuters) – Last year, Sihame Denguir enrolled her teenage son and daughter in France’s largest Muslim private school, in the northern city of Lille some 200 kilometres (125 miles) from their middle-class suburban Parisian home.

The move meant financial sacrifices. Denguir, 41, now pays fees at the partially state-subsidised Averroes school and rents a flat in Lille for her children and their grandmother, who moved to care for them.

But Averroes’ academic record, among the best in France, was a powerful draw.

So she was dumbstruck in December when the school lost government funding worth around two million euros a year on grounds it failed to comply with secular principles enshrined in France’s national education guidelines.

Right off the bat I want to say that I do not care for the wording of the title at all. Why? Because it implies that Muslims are not part of the problem. When in fact they are the ones who are selfishly changing the West to suit Islam. Then there is the fact that there is no “Islamism”, therefore there are no Islamists. Only Islam and Muslims. Can someone please show me where Mohammad used the term “Islamist” in the Sahih (authentic words and deeds of Mohammad) Ahadith? Because I can show you where he used the term “Muslim’ though.

Apparently media outlets want us to believe that they know more about Islam than Mohammad did. They don’t. Now let us get back to the article itself.

See how that works? Follow the rules or there will be lawful consequences. As usual the cause of this conflict is Islam itself. The problem this time is that the Koran instructs Muslims not to follow man-made laws.


President Emmanuel Macron has undertaken a crackdown on what he calls Islamist separatism and radical Islam in France following deadly jihadist attacks in recent years by foreign and homegrown militants. Macron is under pressure from the far right Rassemblement National (RN), which holds a wide lead over his party ahead of European elections this week.

The crackdown seeks to limit foreign influence over Muslim institutions in France and tackle what Macron has said is a long-term Islamist plan to take control of the French Republic.

Again, I don’t care for the wording but it is refreshing to see that Macron is not denying the Muslim attempt to takeover France.


Thomas Misita, 42, father of three daughters attending Averroes, said he was taught at school that France’s principles included equality, fraternity and freedom of religion.

“I feel betrayed. I feel singled out, smeared, slandered,” Misita said. “I feel 100% French, but it creates a divide. A small divide with your own country.”

There it is! The Muslim victim card. Facts are that if Thomas was for equality and freedom of religion he would not be a Muslim. Because Islam calls for the persecution of other religions. Talk about division.



Local offices of the national government have closed at least five Muslim schools since Macron came to power in 2017, according to a Reuters tally. Reuters was only able to find one Muslim school closed under his predecessors.

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Does anyone else see the pattern here? Closing Madrassas is exactly what the Netherlands Mr. Wilders is calling for. The West isn’t dead yet my friends. Hang in there.

While it looks like we are heading in the right direction in this war, we cannot let up. We cannot let our guards down. Which is another reason why we need to make Logan’s Warning the go to site on the publics information in regards to the threat to Islam. You can help make that happen by making a one time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.