Germany to Make a Decision on Deporting Afghans ~ Poll

While not all prominent names such as Hirsi Ali agrees with me, if you are regular reader of Logan’s Warning you know that I am all for the mass deportations of Muslims (those who are eligible for it) from Western Civilization. Which is for two reasons. The first being that despite the liberal fantasy that all “cultures” mix, they just don’t. In fact some of them just clash. Being the case in regards to Islam in non-Islamic countries. The second being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. So yes, I am all for cultural protection.

Germany looks to deportations to Afghanistan after police killing

BERLIN, June 4 (Reuters) – Germany is considering deporting Afghan migrants who pose a security threat back to Afghanistan, the interior minister said on Tuesday, after the killing of a police officer in a knife attack last week drew calls for a tougher line on migration.

Such a move would be controversial as Germany does not repatriate people to countries where they are threatened with death. It stopped deportations to Afghanistan after the Taliban took power in 2021. In addition, reaching a deal with the Taliban, some of whose officials are under international sanctions, is widely seen as problematic.

Controversial or not what are the options? Just sit and watch Muslims destroy non-Islamic countries from within? Are we supposed to be more concerned with Muslims over the future generations of our own families? When it comes to claims for “asylum”, how do we know Muslims are not lying as they are instructed to?

However, just days before European elections in which the far-right is expected to perform strongly, the minister said she had been intensively looking at the issue for months and planned to make a decision as soon as possible.

“It is clear to me that people who pose a potential threat to Germany’s security must be deported quickly,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser told reporters, adding this included sending people to Afghanistan and Syria.

It sure is refreshing to see another European politician who calls it like it is on this issue.


In the last few days, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has used the attack to call for a tougher migrant policy.

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Before you vote, I have one question to ask you. Where is trusting Muslims working out for a host non-Islamic country?

To Deport or Not to Deport?

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