Logan’s Warning Takes it to the Netherlands~ Video

In response to my “IslamoAmerica: Little Egypt, Queens NY~ A Photo Essay”, and the ~Islam Invades Jamaica Queens!~ Video and Pics! articles, a EuroInfidel friend has taken it to the streets, to show us the same Islamopattern that is taking place across the West.

Hat tip for the help by BB, who has lived the Islamonightmare. May things get better for her!

Like I have been saying, if Muslim immigration is not ended, it is just a matter of time until we lose this war. Playing Mr. Nice Guy is a losing proposition.



3 comments for “Logan’s Warning Takes it to the Netherlands~ Video

  1. Connie
    April 4, 2011 at 3:30 am

    Dosnt look Dutch to me.

  2. a EuroInfidel friend
    April 14, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Born in Islam indoctrinated minorities. Inward and seperated. Not interested in Dutch culture, language or history. The majority wouldn’t care less if they were in Stockholm, Brussels, Munich, Birmingham, Paris or Amsterdam. Where people from their village go, they go. In search of dreams of a better life. Mostly in material goods, that better life is expressed. Heimat culture is implemented in the host country. In this way a Turkish (or fill in Moroccan) person can walk from their home to a Turkish shop and speak Turkish there. Then go to the Turkish Mosk where everyone speaks Turkish. In this way Turkish children born in Europe learn to speak Turkish and feel proud Turkish citizens, but live in a country far away with people that they are not interested in. Cultural identity and religion (the difference between the two is very hard to make with Islam) is the stone on which everything is built up inside the host; to colonise… and ultimately outgrow. These people were brought here by the people that “divide and rule”: the very top like Bilderberg and EU/UN and above in pyramid. (“diversity and multicultural communities”)
    I generalise but generally my experience is of the above. And exceptions to the rule are just that: maybe 20%? That is why my opinion is that I hate Islam for the prison it gave human kind, and the fear too. But Muslims, when I see them I see people, human beings… I cannot hate them. They are in way always like everybody else. A bit like me and us, in a way… just different. Let’s help them in a Humane way, not giving Islam a chance what so ever. I liked the neutral feel to the pictures, eventhough it is a spotlight on Islam.

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