Month: August 2020

Muslim Delegates to Swarm Today’s Democratic National Convention

For years I have been saying that Muslims do not have to be anywhere the majority of a non-Islamic country in order to make major changes to it. Major changes that favor Islam of course. That is because they know exactly what sectors to strike. Our government, our useless media, and our universities.

Muslim Maniac Contacts me on MeWe

Like I said in my last article. PayPal or no PayPal I will not back off on exposing Islam and the mindset of Muslims. Tonight’s subject matter made it easy for me though as they found me on MeWe. Here is most of the conversation as it got boring after awhile.

PayPal Sides W/Islam and Shuts Down the Logan’s Warning Account

Today the quisling left has cowardly lashed out at me again in a effort to protect the “religion” of hatred and perversion. Islam. Which follows the “lead” of the their Islam appeasing Presidential Candidate Joe Biden.

Jihad Watch ~ They Just Don’t get it

I will freely admit that Robert Spencer has done a good job with exposing the threat of Islam. Unfortunately after that his site does not have a strong consistent message at all. More like a bunch of double talk. For starters one of his staff writers, Christine Douglass-Williams, promotes the fantasy of an Islamic reformation.