~ Busing Them In & Burqa NYCity ~

This article is the third installment of the “Islamic Rally Takes Downtown NYC! Sharia Enforced, Christians Booted!!~ Exclusive Interview”, 3-part series.

Chilling is just how organized those that wish to destroy America from within are! As the rally was going on, I was circling the throng of people from the outside. I observed more “stop ‘Islamophobia'” signs being laid in stacks on the sidewalk, brought out from a yellow bus.

After their 2nd rally down at Foley Square, I headed back to Broadway. I ran smack into a dense Burqa city:

The Burqas headed to the buses:

Like the UK, Islam is

How much longer until they are blocking off the sidewalks in NYC like they do in other major cities in Europe?!

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