~Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Following Logan’s Warning~

Over the past year or so, we here at Logan’s Warning have had numerous Islamic mouthpieces either leave thinly-veiled threats or slickly attempt to con us into believing that Western Civilization is in no peril due to Islam. One of the most recent and vocal of these was Koshin Mohamed of the US Army. The Islamic focus on this site has recently been intensified to a new level, as last night I received an alert that CAIR member Ahmed Rehab is following this site. About 10 days ago, the Iranian Shia media conglomerate, AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA), published an article that they took from Logan’s Warning (but not before altering to their liking a few words to slightly to fit their agenda!).. What does this added attention mean? It means that we here are definitely doing something right to attract the Islamic World’s watchful eye!

As for Ahmed, let’s see if he has the fortitude to drop by and debate here. I’ll start it… Ahmed, why do you support a religion that condones rape and the and the dominance of non-Muslims? I would also like to make a few things clear to Ahmed. I will not sugarcoat my message by using the terms “radical” Islam or Islamism. Because the problem is simply Islam itself, and the lack of human rights and violent tenets of Islam are what I stand against. The encouragement by Islam of practitioners to lie and plot against Infidels is what I stand against. As of now, we are steadily losing the war against Islam, but there are a few concrete actions we can take to defeat the Sharia movement within America. The first is to end our dependence on Islamic oil. Then, we must halt Muslim immigration to our country. After those first two steps, Sharia Law needs to be officially banned. Ahmed, do you know where I stand now?!

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Ahmed Rehab
Bio Ahmed Rehab is an American Civil Rights Activist, columnist, and media commentator specializing in Islam-West Relations and Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

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