Month: April 2020

Halal Corona Ramadan Madness in NY! ~ Exclusive

As you have probably heard by now is that despite the Islamic attack on NYC on September 11th, 2001, NY has continued to roll out the red carpet for Islam. Taking it to unprecedented levels.

Trump’s 2020 Ramadan Message ~ Refuted

Right off the bat I want to say that I support President Trump. That does not mean that I blindly support him, or every action taken by him though. I also believe that no one is beyond criticism and that being that no one is perfect, we need to voice our opinions in order to get politicians to back us on certain issues. Islam being one of them.

CAIR Kentucky Misleads America

Once again the Council on America Islamic Relations (CAIR) has mislead the public by implying that they are against slavery, for equality and the US Constitution.

Muslim Pervert of the day Comment #2

Unfortunately over the years I have seen an endless line of Muslims, women included, who believe that sex upon puberty is an acceptable action. What can be expected from a cult that is lead by Prophet Pervert though?

NY Islamic Group Calls for Martyrs to Usher in Islamic Rule

I fully understand that the Corona Virus is the hot topic of the day, but I believe America will survive the scare. Meanwhile Islamic organizations like the NY Islamic Thinkers Society are still pursuing their nefarious agenda under the radar.

Webinar: Leaders of Muslim Propagandist Affairs Council (MPAC) Call me a Troll and Islamophobe for Questioning Them~ Audio Proof

Continuing to stay on the offensive against those who attempt to mislead the country on Islam I attended another webinar today. This one hosted by the Muslim Public errrr….Propagandist Affairs Council (MPAC). A name they have clearly earned.

Like Muslima Mother, Like Muslima Daughter

I am sure most of you know of the US Congresswoman for Allah, Ilhan Omar. You might not know of her daughter Isra Hirsi though. Who unfortunately follows in her mother’s Islamic footprints, attempting to mislead the public. Acting if they have the best interests of America at heart.