Israel: Stealth Jihad Empowers the Enemy Within

While the Israel is clearly winning the physical war against Palestine, there is another war raging on within Israel. A non-violent one that destroys from within. A war tactic called stealth jihad. In which Muslims use the freedoms of non-Islamic countries as tools in order to change the country to suit Islam. Or what I like to call insidious Islam.

Muslims in Israel: Statistics bureau releases latest data on eve of Hajj

At the end of 2023, the Muslim population of Israel was estimated at 1.782 million, (18.1% of all residents).

(June 13, 2024 / JNS)

To mark Eid al-Adha (“Feast of the Sacrifice”), a Muslim holiday that marks the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released data about the Muslim population of Israel.

At the end of 2023, the Muslim population of Israel was estimated at 1.782 million, (18.1% of all residents)—an increase of 35,000 compared with the end of 2022.

Obviously Muslims are still in the minority in Israel, although the 18.1% statistic is definitely a cause for concern. Because the higher the percentage Muslims are of the population, the more political power they will have. Which can be used to strong-arm political parties into supporting their pro-Islam agenda.


Jerusalem has the largest number of Muslim residents (380,000), comprising 21.3% of all Muslims in Israel and 38.1% of the city’s residents.

The Muslim population is young: The proportion of children aged 0–14 is high (31.9%), and the proportion of persons aged 65 and over is low (4.9%).

Which means more Muslim reproduction is on the horizon. Which is exactly what Islam and Mohammad call for.

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Approximately 26% of the households headed by Muslims have six or more persons, compared with only about 9% of the households headed by Jews.

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As I said, more Muslim reproduction is on the horizon. Maybe a lot more.

What has a rising Muslim influence brought to Israel?

Sharia Courts

Muslims defying Jesus as they put a display of power as they pray on the streets.

Call to Prayer

Stealth jihad, a cultural cancer.

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