China: Erasing Islam

They say miracles happen. Well apparently one did today. Because today I actually agree with a verse in the Koran. Koran verse 11:114 to be specific.

Good deeds erasing misdeeds. Which is exactly what China is doing with the misdeed called Islam.

Religious and cultural mentions removed from names of China’s Xinjiang villages

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Authorities in China’s western Xinjiang region have been systematically replacing the names of villages inhabited by Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities to reflect the ruling Communist Party’s ideology, as part of an attack on their cultural identity, a report released by Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

About 630 villages in Xinjiang have had their names changed to remove references to Islam or the Uyghurs’ culture and history, according to the group’s report, done in collaboration with the Norway-based organization Uyghur Hjelp.

Now let me be specific here. I don’t care for the CCP but I am all for the legal expulsion from non-Islamic lands. Meaning all non-Islamic countries should follow suit. Stopping the parasitic cultural disease called Islamicide.


As part of the crackdown, more than 1 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other ethnic minorities were estimated to be held in extralegal internment camps. The Chinese government at the time described the camps as “vocational training centers” and said they were necessary to curb separatism and religious extremism.

There you have it. The keyword being “separatism”. Which is exactly what Muslims do in non-Islamic countries. Creating Islamic enclaves and then expanding and destroying from within.


The changes to the names of Xinjiang villages included removing mentions of religion, including terms such as “Hoja,” a title for a Sufi religious teacher, and “haniqa,” a type of Sufi religious building, or terms such as “baxshi,” a shaman.

References to Uyghur history or to regional leaders prior to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 have also been removed, according to the report.

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In closing I need to be specific again. As I said, I am all for the legal expulsion of Islam from non-Islamic countries. What I don’t want erased is the memory of the conquering barbaric history of Islam. Started by a madman name Mohammad. Otherwise history might just repeat itself.

Logan’s Warning, discussing the disease, discussing the remedies.

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