Is the Tide Finally Turning Against the Islamification of the UK?

If you follow Logan’s Warning you know that Muslims are in conflicts across the world because they are on a never ending quest to selfishly change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Recent examples of this can be seen in Germany and NYC.

While I believe the world is in an overall state of weakness because of the politically correct disease, I am finally seeing some lawful pushbacks against the Islamification of the world. Recent examples of this can be seen in Germany and India.

Which now brings us to the UK. While the quislings of the Labour Party are bowing to the Muslim community, true Brits aren’t.

Why the prayer ban verdict signals a grim future for UK Muslims

The Michaela school prayer ban shows how, under Prevent, activism to practise faith in everyday life will be interpreted as Islamist extremism

Last month, when a Muslim pupil who wanted to pray at a school in northwest London during her lunch break was prohibited from doing so, she and her family legally challenged the school’s prayer policy – and lost.

After a two-day hearing, a high court judge upheld the school’s prayer ban. The judge ruled that the ban did not interfere with a pupil’s right to practice religious freedom freely and that the ban was justified because prayer conflicted with the school’s ethos.

Good and simple. If Muslims feel they need to pray during school hours let them go to a madrassa (Muslim school), or better yet move to an Islamic country.


What has not yet been explicitly pointed out is the proverbial elephant in the room: the Michaela school verdict predicts a grim future of repression of “Muslimness” in UK schools under the new Prevent programme.

‘Islamist extremism’

“Islamist extremism” has become the new target of Prevent. Following the recommendations of the Shawcross review, a new version of Prevent, which is part of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, has been in effect since 2023.

While I don’t agree with the terminology because there is no Islamism, just Islam, let us hope the new Prevent program continues to combat the Islamification of the UK. Because the past Prevent program was a disaster.


But Islamism had been on the political radar in the UK well before Prevent incorporated it. Indeed, combating Islamism has long been the pet project of certain actors in the political establishment.

Micheal Gove, a senior cabinet member, has depicted Islamism as a political project that seeks to supplant British values with so-called Islamic values. The far-right commentator Douglas Murray described Islamism as the force that has put Europe on a trajectory towards becoming Eurabia, or a colonised outpost and subjugated vassal state of the Islamic world.

Once again, I don’t care for the terminology but other than that Mr. Gove is correct. Muslims in the UK are hell-bent on turning the country into a Sharia state.


Being Muslim

The Michaela school prayer contest has been described as a struggle between Islamist extremism and UK values. In other words, it is an ideological battle against Islamism.

Telegraph columnist Nick Timothy described Muslim efforts to challenge the school prayer ban as the kind of Islamist extremism that has turned schools and other public institutions into a “battleground” where the “Islamisation” of public spaces is fought.

Schools are a great place to start in stopping the “normalization” of Islamic Law in the UK.


Repressing ‘Muslimness’


In recent years, we have seen more and more cases of children being referred to Prevent for nothing more than being Muslim: a 10-year-old girl decides to wear the hijab, an eight-year-old boy has memorised parts of the Quran, or a 16-year-old goes to perform a pilgrimage in Mecca.

Schools teach Muslim pupils that being Muslim is a problem. An A-level pupil is interrogated about his views on Islam and the Islamic State. Islam is taught in a religious-education class through the lens of extremism.

While this might sound sad to some, this is on the Muslim parents for attempting to change a non-Islamic country to suit Islam. Within the law not all non-Muslims will tolerate it and they shouldn’t.

Schools teach Muslim pupils that Muslim life does not matter. Muslim pupils showing Palestine solidarity have been either referred or threatened with a Prevent referral. Or they have faced a full arsenal of disciplinary techniques such as detentions, suspensions, exclusions, police involvement, penalty points, isolation, bans and physical interventions.

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Again, while this all might not sound so nice to some, wars are not won by being nice. That is not a call to violence but a call for non-Muslims to question themselves. Question which is more important to them. Their own future generations, or appeasing Muslims who don’t begin to care about the wants and believes of non-Muslims.

Cheers to the Prevent program for attempting to combat the Islamicide of the UK.

For the record the original article was written by a Muslima. I just took the time to explain why we as non-Muslims should not play into the Muslim victim card. Which is another reason why we need to make Logan’s Warning the go to site on the worldwide threat of Islam. You can help make that happen by making a one time or monthly contribution via the site today. Thank you.

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