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The Islamic Suicide of Germany!

On Facebook yesterday there was a lot of talk about an article on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The article was entitled “Angela Merkel: Germany will become Islamic State!” Off the bat it seemed it was good that she was acknowledging the fate of Germany if Islam and Muslim immigration, are not confronted head on.

Germany to Accept Islam as an Official Religion?!

Recently anti-Islamic political parties have been forming in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel told Muslims in her country, they cannot live by Sharia, Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich went after Islam on his first day on the job, and Germany has even applied Anti-Nazi laws on two non-violent pro-Sharia Islamic groups. So why would they want to go down the road of possibly recognizing Islam as an official religion? Don’t recognize it, fight it!

Germany’s Interior Minister Takes on Islam on First day on job!

Just minutes ago I posted about France’s Nicolas Sarkozy bringing the threat of Islam to a national debate. Now we see Germany’s Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wasting no time and jumping into the fray! He is not the first German authority figure to jump into this fight. Some recent examples of this are, Chancellor Angela Merkel stating that Muslims cannot live by Shariah Law if they want to live there, German authorities applying anti-Nazi laws against two non-violent pro-Shariah Islamic organizations, a German court telling a Muslim he cannot pray in school, and the Pro NRW political party receiving the funding to open up an anti-Islamic headquarters. The tide is turning…

Germany Applies Anti-Nazi Laws on Two Non-Violent Pro-Sharia Islamic Groups!

Well, it’s about time that a non-Muslim country gets it right. I tip my hat to Germany for overcoming the politically correct disease, and doing what is necessary to protect Western Civilization. Back in October Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, stated that Muslims cannot live by Sharia in Germany. At the time I remember several people on numerous sites, saying it was just talk. Considering the fact that the West has more than its share of weak leaders, I didn’t blame them for thinking that. But thankfully, she has proven them wrong.

Logans Warning Update~ Radio Documentary Interview

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that Tuesday night I was interviewed by German author and journalist Thilo Guschas. It was for a radio documentary entitled “USAllah”. The subject being Muslims in America. The show will be aired in March on four stations in Germany, one of them being Deutschlandfunk. Thilo who is a very nice guy, has promised not to edit me out, like the Daily News did. When I get the MP3, I will post it here. Now back to posting…

Germans led by Anti-Islam Political Party Take it to the Streets!

For years many us sat and watched as Europe slowly was being devoured by Islam, but these days the tide is certainly changing. Besides anti-Islam politician Geert Widlers gaining more power in the Netherlands, the tide is also changing in Germany. Back in January I posted an article about the Pro NRW, which is an anti-Islam party based in Cologne. They are moving forward with their agenda…

German Court Tells Muslim he Cannot Pray in School

While many of our so called “leaders”, are suffering from a severe case of Muslim Appeasement Delusional Disorder (MADD), a court in Germany has decided that a Muslim should not get special treatment. Facts show us that Muslims are changing non-Islamic countries to suit Islam. Common sense tells us that if we continue to cater to them, they will continue to ask for more. It is time that non-Muslims stop worrying about what “offends” Muslims, or their “special needs”. Take a stand for life as we know it, and shoot down Muslim demands. We owe it to our families future generations.

Germany: Political Party to Open Anti-Islam Center!

Recently we have seen some very encouraging signs against Islam in Europe. The Swiss banned minarets, and non-Muslim Brits pressured Muslims from marching through a pro-military town. This anti-Islam center should only encourage more non-Muslims across Europe to fight the Sharia push. Islam has not won yet!