Germany Cracks Down on the Call for Caliphate

For those who are new to the subject of Islam, the Caliphate is the leader of the Muslim community, AKA the ummah. Which is what Muslims are calling for in Germany. Which in turn would create another government within Germany. A hostile one that calls for the dominance over the manmade laws of Germany.

One that calls for the discrimination of non-Muslims. Which is why I am glad that the government of Germany is cracking down on the call for Caliphate.

Islamist demo goes ahead in Hamburg under strict conditions

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has welcomed conditions imposed on a planned Islamist demonstration in Hamburg. The group “Muslim Interactive” sparked outrage recently with calls for “a caliphate for Germany.”

An estimated 2,300 people participated in a demonstration organized by the Islamist group Muslim Interactive in the German port city of Hamburg on Saturday, according to police.

The group, classified as extremist by German security authorities, called for a new protest against “censorship and opinions being dictated.”

This follows a previous demonstration in late April where participants displayed signs with the words “caliphate is the solution.” It came against the backdrop of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, and sparked uproar in Germany and denunciation from leading politicians

The multicultural fantasy that all “cultures” can coexist is just that, a fantasy.

Strict conditions imposed on demonstration

Despite the group’s extremist classification, authorities allowed Saturday’s demonstration to proceed under strict conditions.

These included bans on incitement of hatred, violence and the denial of Israel’s right to exist.

Under the rules, participants were also forbidden to call for a caliphate to take over Germany in word, image or writing.

Ahead of the event, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser welcomed the strict conditions.

While I think this is a good start, it doesn’t go far enough though. Because if the government is for the banning of the incitement of hatred they can start with the Koran and Islam.

What the interior minister said

Faeser said the conditions allowed the  police to pursue an “immediate, hard intervention” if necessary.

“In Germany, there are equal rights for women, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression,” Faeser told the Funke newspaper group.

I am glad to hear that because Islam does not grant equal rights females.

“Anyone who would rather live in a caliphate, and therefore in the Stone Age, is against everything that Germany stands for. We defend our constitution — with the means of our constitution.”

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Strong words from a strong woman.

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