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Germany to Make a Decision on Deporting Afghans ~ Poll

While not all prominent names such as Hirsi Ali agrees with me, if you are regular reader of Logan’s Warning you know that I am all for the mass deportations of Muslims (those who are eligible for it) from Western Civilization. Which is for two reasons.

Muslims Openly Brag About Getting Funded by Non-Muslims

There is low, and there is low my friends. Unfortunately today we will see how low Muslim propagandists Eddie Deen of the Deen Show, and Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of Gain Peace will go in their allegiance to Islam over America.

UK: Nigel Farage Accused of “Islamophobia”

Which means he most likely said something truthful about Islam, Mohammad, and or Muslims. Adding to the current rising voices of Western politicians against Islam.

France Continues the Crack Down on Stealth Jihad

For those new to the subject, “stealth jihad” is a non-violent attempt by Muslims to change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam by using the freedoms of that country against it.