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Lawsuit Jihad Strikes NYC

If you are new to this site and the threat of Islam there are two main points I would like to explain to you. The first being is that Islam itself is a two-tiered threat. The first and most obvious one is the threat of violent jihadists.

NYC: Muslims Make Major Marriage Push

I have said it before and I will say it again. The threat of Islam is two-tier threat. One being the threat of violent jihad. The second being what I call insidious Islam, AKA stealth jihad. In which Muslims use the freedoms of the West against the West in order to change non-Islamic countries to suit Islam.

The NYPD Flouts the law for Shia Muslims

How can this be? Where is Commander Cuomo and Dictator De Blasio? What happened to the mandates on mask wearing and social distancing? Are they afraid to take on Muslims? Because that is certainly the way it appears in this NYC video which was recorded in August of 2020.

Halal Corona Ramadan Madness in NY! ~ Exclusive

As you have probably heard by now is that despite the Islamic attack on NYC on September 11th, 2001, NY has continued to roll out the red carpet for Islam. Taking it to unprecedented levels.

NY Islamic Group Calls for Martyrs to Usher in Islamic Rule

I fully understand that the Corona Virus is the hot topic of the day, but I believe America will survive the scare. Meanwhile Islamic organizations like the NY Islamic Thinkers Society are still pursuing their nefarious agenda under the radar.

Importing Syria, Importing Islam ~ A Logan’s Warning Exclusive

Just this morning I said the following on Twitter:

Apparently the West is willing to destroy itself in its never ending quest to find the magical mystical “good” Muslims.

— Christopher Logan (@NAInfidels) August 1, 2016

Which unfortunately fits right in with this Logan’s Warning exclusive report.

NYC Muslima Activist Blows a Gasket……Again!

IMona Eltahawy tatsf you travel the social media networks you might have noticed that there are plenty of Muslims on it who fancy themselves as “human rights” activists. But in reality they are supporting what is a disgrace to humanity. Islam.

Today we will take a look at NY’s Mona Elthaway. A Muslim who supposedly fights for the rights of females, but in the end shoots herself in the foot by remaining a member of the ummah (Muslim community).