Minnesota Residents Push Back Against Proposed Massive Islamic Enclave

Two things that I have consistently proven are that Islam is a perpetual war, and that as of now stealth jihad has been pretty much operating freely under Islam’s religious status. Which is what enables Islam to expand across non-Islamic countries. Fortunately we have recently been seeing a push back against Islamic expansionism in the West though.

Thankfully today we see another push back coming from residents of Lino Lakes Minnesota.

Mixed sentiments toward Muslim-focused community in Lino Lakes, city considering moratorium

Support and disapproval continues in the north metro surrounding a major development with a mosque as its center point.

While Monday’s Lino Lakes City Council meeting did not have the development on the agenda, it was the main focus for community members who spoke during public comment.

‘Madinah Lakes’ would be a 156-acre site that includes housing, a daycare, grocery store and other retail, but its developer, Faraaz Yussuf, feels the community’s concerns are rooted in the place of worship.

The keywords there are obviously “Madinah Lakes”. A clear sign of an attempt to form an Islamic enclave in America.

(Not from article) Madina, or as Muslims call it “Taibah al Taibah”, is one of the main destinations for millions of Muslims around the world. It is the first capital of Islam in history, and the second holiest place for Muslims after Makkah al-Mukarramah. Madina is located in Hejaz Region in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve got a plan to build a mosque in the middle, which is the biggest contention point in this development,” Yussuf said.

Yes, the Mosque would be the focal point of the Islamic enclave. Once again showing that Muslims have no concerns at all for the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims.


In recent weeks, though, there’s been pushback — opponents have raised concerns about added stress on infrastructure, additional traffic and overcrowding of schools.

And now, according to the city, the council has “expressed interest in adopting a moratorium on all residential developments in the northwest area of the city to allow time to conduct a master planning process.”

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Whatever it takes to get it done. Just get it done. All within the law of course.

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