Muslims Make Another Push to Islamify NYC ~ Targeting the Department of Education

As I have been saying. Islam is a perpetual war and wars are fought on many different fronts. Such as the information war against Muslim propagandists. When it comes to Muslims there is another front known as stealth jihad or what I call insidious Islam.

Unfortunately today we take a look at the stealth jihad war that is being wage upon NYC. An attack on the Department of Education.

Working on a tip from a Logan’s Warning teammate I was shown a text that was sent out from the Muslim organization Engage.

For those who do not know there are two Eids. The first being Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. The second being Eid al-Adha which occurs two lunar months after Ramadan.

Sounds innocent right? Well its not because Eid al-Adha is a blood-fest for Allah. Also known as Qurbani.

Look at how Muslims turn the slaughter of this beautiful animal into a sporting event. If you can stomach it.


The video is so disturbing that you have to click on “Watch on YouTube” and be signed in.

Will Muslims soon be allowed to get away with this blood-fest in NYC in the name of freedom of religion? With the way things are going how long until the Shia blood-fest of Ashura will be full-blown in NYC?

Why should non-Muslims lose out on a day of education for Islam? An ideology that calls for the persecution of non-Muslims.

The pattern is clear my friends. Muslims are not here to assimilate but to dominate as Islam calls for.

Please help Logan’s Warning do the job the mainstream media does not have the courage to do. Expose Islam!