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Muslim Manipulation of the US Electoral System

In past Logan’s Warning articles I have exposed the fact that Muslims have turned the freedoms of America into tools of Islam. I have also exposed the fact that Muslims do not have to be anywhere near the majority in order to slowly change America to suit Islam. Or “normalize” Islam in America.

The Pushback Against Islam In Public Schools Continues

While Muslims have used the public education system as a tool of Islam, lately we have been seeing some encouraging signs of non-Muslims pushing back against the Islamic agenda in Western schools. 

India: Muslims are Losing Political Power

Do you remember what I said Muslims have turned the freedoms of non-Islamic countries into tools of Islam? Well the way to combat that in the short term is to be as assertive (excluding the violence of course) as they are and take a stand for life as you know it.

France: “Islamophobia” Alert ~ Muslims on the Move

That should say moving out. Which means today we as non-Muslims get to celebrate another small but growing victory. One that shows that some Muslims can’t take the heat. Unable to deal with Islam being criticized.

Islam is “Against” Lying Until it Isn’t

Sure some people are converting to Islam and right now I will tell you one of the main reasons for it. It is because Muslims who practice dawah (proselytizing) do so with deception and lies.

New Ghostbusters: We Want to Portray Muslims “Truthfully”

Did the Hollywood screenwriters of the new Ghostbusters really want to portray Muslims truthfully or did they want a Muslim “consultant” to tell them what they wanted to hear? Desperately wanting to hear that Islam is a religion of peace and Mohammad was a great example for all for mankind.

Celebrity Wife: Muslims are “Here to Take Over”

Well this is huge Patriots and exactly what we need more of. Prominent names coming out against Muslim immigration while exposing the harsh reality of the Israel vs. Palestine conflict.