UK: Labour Party Vows to Empower Muslims

I have said it over and over. That mankind’s greatest quest is the quest for power. Many times at all costs. Which includes the UK’s Labour Party and their vow to empower Muslims. The same Muslims who are selfishly changing the UK to suit Islam. While showing no concerns for the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. Meaning that Labour is more concerned with their quest for power than their own future generations. Because Islam is a clear threat to non-Muslims.

Labour must rebuild trust with Muslim voters, says senior MP

Labour’s deputy campaign coordinator says her party needs to rebuild trust with Muslim voters, amid an apparent backlash over its stance on Gaza.

The party’s position on the Israel-Hamas war appears to have dented its support in Muslim areas in England’s local elections.

Labour’s Ellie Reeves admitted it had “a lot of work to do” to rebuild support before the general election.

She added this included ensuring voters “understand our position”.

In 58 local council wards analysed by the BBC, where more than one-in-five residents identify as Muslim, Labour’s share of the vote was 21% down on 2021, the last time most seats were contested.

Am I the only one here who sees the problem with endless mass Muslim immigration, birthrates and democracy with Muslims involved? This is one issue that non-Muslims really needs to think long-term on.


And there are signs that any adverse reaction was less prominent in London, where incumbent Labour mayor Sadiq Khan called for a ceasefire before the party leadership did.


Ali Milani, chair of Labour Muslim Network, said Labour’s positioning on Gaza “is going to have a serious electoral consequence”.

“If I was a Labour MP in Bradford or Birmingham or Leicester or parts of London or Manchester I would be seriously concerned,” he added.

As you can see Muslims are trying to use the Israel vs. Palestine conflict as a two-pronged attack. Attempting to weaken Israel while gaining political power in the UK at the same time. While keeping the fact that the conflict is due to Islam itself under their burqas.


Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Saturday, Ellie Reeves said: “We know that we’ve got a great deal of work to do to rebuild trust with Muslim communities.

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Am I the only one who sees how Muslims have turned the freedoms of the West into tools of Islam?

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