Nationalist Parties Are Rising Across Europe

I can’t image why. Well, actually I can. It’s called the will to survive. The will to protect ones own culture, AKA as cultural protection. A movement that is much needed if the West as we know her is to survive the current mass third world invasion. An invasion that brings major “cultural” changes with it.

The anti-Muslim, pro-Israel far right now runs Holland. Is the European Parliament next?

At a particularly bleak moment for European Jews, one of their most vocal supporters has effectively reached power in the Netherlands, the European Union’s fifth-largest economy and an influential founding member of the bloc.

A staunch advocate of Israel who worked as a volunteer in his youth in an Israeli agricultural community, Dutch politician Geert Wilders last week formed a new coalition that’s so pro-Israel and pro-Jewish that its founding contract promises to look into moving the Dutch embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and mandates Holocaust education for all new naturalized citizens.

With the Israel vs. Palestine conflict going on that would be a great education because the goal of Hamas is to Islamocaust Israel.

The new coalition led by Wilders and his Party for Freedom marks an unprecedented departure from the Middle East policies of all its predecessors, not only in the Netherlands but in all of Western Europe.

The same Mr. Wilders who rightfully wants to clip the wings of Islam by smashing its golden shield of religious status.

There is, however, a significant caveat: Wilders is a far-right provocateur — a strident anti-Islam firebrand who supports laws that would ban the production of both halal and kosher meat. The possessor of a conviction for inciting ethnic discrimination against Moroccans, he has called Islam a “reprehensible, hateful, and violent” religion.

Again, I can’t imagine why. Again, I actually can. Starting with Mohammad. The so called prophet of Islam. A madman who according to Koran verse 33:21 Muslims are supposed to emulate the actions of for all times.


These projections are part of an EU-wide trend, where far-right parties are expected to increase their electoral strength collectively by at least 20% over the previous European Parliament elections of 2019, reaching 163 seats or 22% of the house.

As I have been saying, in order to stop Islam political actions against the ideology and Muslims themselves will have to be enacted. Hopefully starting with ending Muslim immigration. Which is on Mr. Wilders to do list.


Wilders publicly blames Muslims for the increase in recorded antisemitic incidents, well before they skyrocketed following Hamas’s October 7 onslaught in Israel and the ensuing Israeli military campaign in Gaza.

“It’s almost nauseating,” he said at a parliamentary debate in 2020. “No one has mentioned antisemitism’s greatest cause: Islam, of course, and Islamization.”

For the third time today, I can’t imagine why. For the third time, actually I can.

From the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir.


Across the EU, far-right parties are basking in Wilders’s success.

“It shows that more and more countries within the European Union contest the way it works… and hope that we can again master a migration that is considered by many Europeans as both massive and anarchic,” Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Rally, said on France-Inter radio in December.

A spokesperson for the Romanian AUR party told The Times of Israel: “We welcome the breakthrough of Mr. Wilders [and] hope that this alliance will be mirrored in the European Parliament.”

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A spokesperson for Logan’s Warning, me myself, welcomes Mr. Wilders as well.

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