Comic Book Death Threats

In this short post we are going to take a lighter approach to the very serious threat of Islam and speaking out against it. Sure I have gotten plenty of death threats in past. Besides those I have been threatened with an “Islamophobic” lawsuit. Even getting threats to all of my teammates. So many coming in on my social media sites like Telegram that I don’t even bother to post them here.

Today will be a different story though because these threat are comical, and I mean that literally. So I will post them. For the record the name of the “man” on these freely admits that he wants the West to be ruled by Islamic Law.

Which is supposed to lead to this.

Obviously I do not mind the threats for literally sticking my neck out and will continue to do so. What I do need is your Patriotic help with making Logan’s Warning the go to site on the threat of Islam. You can help make that happen by making a one time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.