Dawah Deceiver Sabeel Ahmed Shills for Palestine

In order to defeat Islam we need to win the information war against Muslim propagandists. One of the most prominent propagandists today is Sabeel Ahmed of the Gain Peace organization, which works under the umbrella of the Islamic Circle of North America. The main goal of Gain Peace is to “educate the public on Islam”. The truth though is that Sabeel is a dawah deceiver who doesn’t tell the entire story or just flat out lies to the public.

Today we see Sabeel takes his deception even further as he shills for Palestine.

Now once again I will expose the deceiver.

  1. Right off the bat he uses terms like “peace and justice” which sound nice., but of course he didn’t explain what they really mean under Islam. Which is the subjugation of Jews and Christians.

2. At the :16 mark he plays the Muslim victim card for Palestine. Not explaining the reason for the Israel vs. Palestine conflict. Which is Islam itself.

3. At the :30 mark he states that Islam takes all lives as equal. The problem with his statement is that it doesn’t though. Which is already proven in Koran verse 9:29 above. To further add to it I will go to the Reliance of the Traveller Islamic Law Manual. (Which has the stamp of approval of Egypt’s world renowned Al Azhar University.) The Justice Chapter, Who is Subject to Retaliation for Injurious Crimes. Book O o1.1-o2.0 pages 583-584. Which state that there is no retaliation for a Muslim killing a non-Muslim. So much for equality.

4. At the :32 second mark Sabeel purposely misquotes verse 5:32. A favorite trick among Muslim propagandists. What he said sure did sound nice, but of course he left out the most important part of the verse.

Koran 5:32

As highlighted, the part he omitted is that unless the killing is for “corruption or mischief in the land”. Which can mean most anything. The concept is called fasad.

According to the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir, the “mischief” pertains to the following actions.

Koran 2:11

Koran 5:33

5. At the 1:15 mark Sabeel states that injustice leads to violence. The one statement that he made that I agree with when it comes to Islam. In other words do what Muslims want or else…….well you see the recent results.