Muslims Bite Biden in the Ass

I have absolutely no love for Team Biden and I have absolutely no trust or respect for Muslims and Islam. So this is a clash of the two main enemies of America. The NWO and Islam. It’s also an “I told you so” to Muslim appeasing non-Muslims.

Despite the fact that pre-election Biden held an historic Muslim only conference to hear their “concerns’ and then appease them over and over, Muslims have now turned on Biden. What a “surprise”!

Here is yesterday’s early news.

Biden to host Muslim leaders at White House followed by scaled-down iftar dinner

Tensions remain high between Biden, the Muslim community over the war in Gaza.

President Joe Biden will host a group of Muslim leaders Tuesday evening to discuss “issues of importance to the community,” the White House said, as he faced growing criticism over his response to Israel‘s war against Hamas in Gaza.

The White House meeting, behind closed doors, will be followed by a small iftar dinner to mark the end of the daily fast during Ramadan with Muslim administration staffers but not with the community leaders.

“He will be joined by Vice President Harris, senior Muslim administration officials and senior members of his national security team,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters about the meeting.

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Here is yesterday’s late new.

Not so fast Joe!

Muslim leaders decline White House Ramadan invitation

Community leaders, angered by Biden’s approach to Gaza, instead demanded a meeting on policy

A group of six Muslim leaders will meet with President Biden and Vice President Harris on Tuesday evening to discuss U.S. policy in the Gaza Strip, after they were invited for a small Ramadan dinner but rejected such a gathering as inappropriate given the administration’s continued support of Israel amid devastation in the territory.

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Apparently the Ramadan refusal wasn’t enough of a bite in the ass to Traitor Joe. Now he is willing to meet with Muslims in order to discuss the Israel vs Palestine conflict. A conflict that is due to Islam.

Will the Muslim leaders mention that fact? Of course not. Will America benefit from appeasing Muslims? Of course not. Why? Because Muslims have an endless list of Islamic demands, and appeasing them is a 1400 year-old proven cultural Islamicide.

AKA don’t fall for the crocodile tears.

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