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Islam “Respects” Parents Until It Doesn’t

This article is the third installment in the “Contradictions in the Islamic Scriptures” series. The first being “Islam is “Against” Adultery, Until it Isn’t”, and the second being “Islam is “Against” Lying Until it Isn’t”.

China Lowers the Boom on Jihad

Right off the bat I want to make it clear that I have no love for the CCP and obviously I have no love for Islam either. Which is exactly why Logan’s Warning exists in the first place.

The Pushback Against Islam In Public Schools Continues

While Muslims have used the public education system as a tool of Islam, lately we have been seeing some encouraging signs of non-Muslims pushing back against the Islamic agenda in Western schools. 

Islam is “Against” Lying Until it Isn’t

Sure some people are converting to Islam and right now I will tell you one of the main reasons for it. It is because Muslims who practice dawah (proselytizing) do so with deception and lies.

Muslims Bite Biden in the Ass

I have absolutely no love for Team Biden and I have absolutely no trust or respect for Muslims and Islam. Making this a clash of the two main enemies of America. The NWO and Islam.